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What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer
Science & Consciousness
by Julie Clayton     September 11, 2012    
(Updated: January 29, 2016)
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This book is alternately depressing, infuriating and inspiring. It is the exhaustively documented story of a clinical trial of a promising enzymatic therapy for treating highly lethal pancreatic cancer. The trial compared a treatment Dr. Gonzalez had been using with major success in his private practice against a chemotherapeutic agent, Gemzar.

The trial was so mismanaged and stacked against Dr. Gonzalez's protocol that after more than 10 years of futile struggle, this promising approach has been kept out of the mainstream oncological arsenal. While Dr. Gonzalez may have written this book to set the record straight about the chain of events, and it gives way more detailed information than anyone but a lawyer would want to read, it's real importance is in highlighting the unholy and incestuous alliance between Big Pharma and the governmental institutions charged with funding medical research that continues unabated.

This is tragically a story that has been repeated over and over since the early 1900's, and because it is so unthinkable that our own government and academics would pervert the research process to protect monied interests, we passively allow this to continue. Dr. Gonzalez ends his book with an angry appeal to true researchers to stay away from tainted funds and to preserve their integrity for the good of mankind. He himself continues to use his protocol and save patients every day. A sobering tale, indeed.

NOTE: Dr. Gonzalez has since met a mysterious and untimely end. RIP.

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