“Your imagination was, is, and will become your reality, so remember the happy memories instead of the sad ones, and be happy with what you have right now, and visualize a happy future for yourself as it will become your reality. Remove fear, or else, you will suffer the consequences of your own imagination. That’s what it means when you hear Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous words: “The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself.”” -smpwast3d

Here is a link to see this David Wilcock video to see the proof that electromagnetism is measurable from the human body. Electromagnetism is the same thing as an object’s gravity. The Earth’s gravity is controlled by its magnetic fields at the north pole and the south pole which are polarized opposites like “+/-.”

The Source Field Investigations: http://www.resistance2010.com/video/the-source-field-investigations

Everything emits some form of radiation. You will hear much static on your AM radio station when passing underneath powerlines. Everything with an electron produces some form of measurable, radiating electromagnetism.

This is a fantastic video explaining oneness, measurable electromagnetism in emotions and consciousness featuring Jim Carrey, David Wilcock, and more! A MUST WATCH!