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Think Eat Move Thrive: The Practice for an Awesome Life
Self-Help & Empowerment
by Julie Clayton     June 07, 2014    
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There are a gazillion diet books out there, and we already know we should be eating a healthy diet and exercising, so it is refreshing to find a book that actually addresses all the excuses we use to avoid doing so. Dr. James Rouse’s mission is all about helping his patients and his readers achieve the lifestyle and mindset shift to create a healthy life. You can sense the energy and passion leaping off the page, as he explains the science (in layman’s terms) and the psychology behind the factors that rob us of a long, rewarding and vigorous life.

His integrated body-mind-spirit approach starts with how we think. Are we buoyed and motivated by a grand vision of who we want to be and what we want to contribute, or is our essence submerged in a sea of negativity from past hurts, self-doubt and the daily news. His prescription for change is based on many years of observing and coaching successful people. It incorporates principles and action steps for kick-starting your day with early rising, meditation, movement or exercise of some kind, and healthy eating.

It is not a diet, but rather guidelines on what to eliminate and what to emphasize in your diet. His diet and exercise recommendations reflect the best of current research, and if followed, would produce noticeable improvement in a fairly short time. The “Thrive” part of his title is both an outcome of the recommendations of the first three parts, as well as a heartfelt exhortation to become the best you possible.

All in all, an upbeat and doable recipe for physical and mental transformation.

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