The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology

The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology Hot

Miriam Knight   September 01, 2006  
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The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
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September 01, 2006

In the tradition of Carl Sagan, Rachel Carson, and Stephen Hawking, a new voice has emerged with the unique gift of translating cutting edge science into clear, accessible language—Dr. Bruce Lipton. With The Wisdom of Your Cells, this internationally recognized authority on cellular biology takes listeners on an in-depth exploration into the microscopic world, where new discoveries and research are revolutionizing the way we understand life, evolution, and consciousness. On this full-length audio course, Dr. Lipton shares his lucid and startling insights about the building blocks of life, and how each one of our cells has far greater innate intelligence than we once believed.

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Fascinating Journey into Biology and Belief
By Rebecca Johnson "" (Washington State)

Cellular biologist and author Dr. Bruce H. Lipton is a master teacher who is excited about his discoveries in the area of biology and belief. He has a way of teaching that not only increases your knowledge of biology; it explains why we can control our health with our thoughts. Can Doctors stay well by thinking thoughts of health? What is really happening when a miracle occurs?

This CD set addresses the areas of:
Cellular Biology
Natural theology and Natural Science
Genetic Determinism
The Human Genome Project
What Controls Cells?
Cell Membranes
Newtonian Physics
Good and Bad Vibes
Invisible Energy Universe
Magnetic Fields
The Secret of Life
The Root Cause of Disease
Polar and Non-Polar Molecules
The Role of Receptor and Effector Proteins
The Function of Genes
The Dangers of Genetic Engineering
Stress and The Immune System
Learning and Brain States
Placebo Effect
Beliefs and Biology
How our Subconscious Controls our Lives - can this be changed or is it more like a tape player. Can repetition reprogram the mind and how does this relate to mindfulness?
Fractal Geometry
Hereditary Traits
Evolution beyond survival - instead it is driven by consciousness and cooperation

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton's teachings explain why people seem more radiant when in love or why spontaneous healing can occur. The section on energy explains why healing can occur with the spiritual idea of "laying on of hands - energy transfer" or through "prayer - thoughts can also be a form of energy medicine."

His creative explanation of the cell wall brings a new understanding to how our cells function. He explores the similarities between computer chips and cells and explains why our thoughts may control our destiny more than our genes. The section on pregnancy is very interesting in regards to the chemicals of emotion and how stress hormones affect the baby. An interesting section on evolution in regards to evolving consciousness takes the topics full circle and explores the understanding of cells in regards to where we are headed next. This is all fascinating information for consideration and I haven't heard many people discussing life from this angle.

This 8-CD Set is a fascinating journey into Biology and Belief. This explains how our cells actually work and why we are not at the mercy of our own DNA. I listened to each CD numerous times (especially Disc 4) before moving on to the next CD. You can then listen to the entire set again for even more insight into this subject. Each time I listen to this set new information seems to appear and I understand this subject on a higher level.

Highly Recommended!

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