The Well Life with Briana Borten

The Well Life with Briana Borten Hot

Miriam Knight   April 10, 2017  
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The Well Life with Briana Borten

Practical advice and techniques that anyone can apply to find tranquility and satisfaction from life from Life Mastery Coach Briana Borten, co-author, along with her husband Dr. Peter Borten, of "The Well Life: How to Use Structure, Sweetness, and Space to Create Balance, Happiness, and Peace."

They are also the creators of the Rituals of Living online community and Dragontree, a holistic wellness brand. Briana is a Mastery Coach with an extensive background in coaching clients to help them reach personal breakthrough and mastery. Peter is a doctor of Asian medicine who helps people attain whole health of body and mind. He has authored hundreds of articles, spanning topics such as stress, emotional wellness, nutrition, fitness, and our connection with nature.  Website:


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