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The SHIVA Syndrome
Art & Literature
by Miriam Knight     May 20, 2015    
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I found the Shiva Syndrome to be a truly exciting read. I went back and forth between wanting to scan the pages quickly, because it was so exciting, to really slowing down to ingest and understand the technical information. It had a really good blend of science and spirituality. The story basically had every alternative science-based subject under the sun plus the added intrigue of a black op backed by the government. So, if I had to categorize it, I would say it is a metaphysical thriller, while knowing that it truly falls under many genres.

The story starts off with a graphic description of a catastrophic event, the profound implications of which we really don’t understand until we get through the bulk of the story. There is a major explosion at a secret Russian lab that leaves behind an enormous crater, and a special team of American and British scientists is brought in to investigate the causes and report back.

As the team starts to glean more information, and after some nail-biting episodes, the reader is clued into what is really going on. It is an exploration into harnessing the power of the mind and focused consciousness, and projecting what the ramifications of that power might look like, especially in the hands of a military whose only moral and ethical code is survival of the fittest – namely US.

The Shiva Syndrome is a thrilling read, and I could definitely imagine this in the theater. The author is skilled at putting the pictures in your head without confusion. You find yourself connecting with his characters so that you are vested in their outcome. Would love to see a part two! Highly recommended.

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