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The Principles of New Thought: Tracing Spiritual Truth from The Source to The Soul
Spirituality & Religion
by Julie Clayton     August 01, 2013    
Shanda Stevens
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Moncrieff skillfully describes Metaphysical Christianity and New Thought. New Thought seeks the non-literal translation of the Bible in order to reveal a deeper significance to its content. In particular this book explores the life of Jesus Christ within the context of New Thought principles and the spiritual laws regarding the regeneration of the physical body. This is a superb book for those transitioning from mainstream Christianity into the realm of inner consciousness and awakening. Moncrieff adds to her prose by quoting many experts and metaphysicians alike strengthening her descriptive adaptation. From the Power Through Constructive Thinking Emmet Fox states, “Any mental activity that enables us to raise the spiritual standard of the soul is a form of prayer.” This book performs well at weaving together the principles of New Thought and traditional beliefs that present the Bible in a literal way. This book gives the reader the freedom to explore the revelation of the higher consciousness within us as natural rather than ordained. The readings are affirming and encouraging. A well laid out book, which gives the reader the ability to compare and contrast traditional views and realize the inherent capabilities each of us are endowed with.

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