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The Power of the Heart DVD
Self-Help & Empowerment
by Miriam Knight     July 18, 2015    
Brent Marchant
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When we speak of something having “heart” or of the need to “follow our heart,” what exactly does that mean? For many of us, such expressions seem warm and inviting but are, nevertheless, understandably vague. However, a recently released DVD helps to eliminate much of the confusion surrounding this often-nebulous topic, offering clear, concise answers applicable in both practical and philosophical contexts. In “The Power of the Heart” (2014), director Drew Heriot (co-creator of the immensely popular video “The Secret” (2006)) presents a series of engaging monologues on the subject, discussing it from metaphysical, spiritual and even scientific perspectives. These insights are intercut with a series of fictional vignettes and re-creations of true stories that illustrate these principles at work in a wide range of applications, covering such diverse concepts as the role the heart plays in intuition, synchronicities, forgiveness, friendship and love. These notions are addressed by a host of new thought leaders, including Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho, Marci Shimoff, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Mark Nepo, Isabel Allende, Michael Beckwith, John Gray and Jane Goodall. The production’s overall style is reminiscent of the filmmaker’s previous work, stylishly produced and beautifully presented. And, despite a tendency for some of the story sequences to go on a little long, the film makes for worthwhile viewing, particularly for anyone who earnestly wants to learn how to harness the power of this remarkable biological and spiritual tool, one that’s with us at all times and can be put to use in countless miraculous ways.

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