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Miriam Knight   February 20, 2011  
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The Living Light Cards
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February 14, 2011

As seen in The Secret History of Consciousness, the Living Light Symbols have been experienced by enlightened beings for millennia. Each symbol or combination of symbols is a full library of knowledge from the greatest concepts to the smallest of details. Each is also an initiation, an ancient key; to open an awakening to the vast knowledge and giftedness that each of us carries locked within us.

The Living Light Cards can be used for personal guidance, initiation, divination, and even for re-harmonizing the energy fields of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The deck itself consists of 78 full-color cards with a Major Arcana that can be used specifically for spiritual guidance alone and a Minor Arcana can be used with the Major Arcana for any type of reading you desire. Specific layouts are provided based upon sacred geometry principals as well as layouts to be used for healing.

Included are 78 full-color cards and an 88-page guide book. The cards are 3" wide x 5" high and are of excellent quality for long term use.

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These cards are amazing and they really connect to the questions you ask! At first I didn't think so when I did a spread for my husband to try them out. I looked up the numbers in the accompanying booklet, and they bore no relationship whatsoever to the issue.

What I didn't realize was that there were two sets of number sequences - the first batch for the 22 cards of the Major Arcana that are distinguished by being numbered with Roman Numerals, and the second for 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. The booklet, however, uses Arabic numeral for both and keeps mum about which is which and the difference between them.

So on the first pass I was looking up the meaning in the wrong section and wondering what on earth (or in heaven) were they on about. This was really interesting, because when I realized that I should have been looking in the other section and did it over, it all made perfect sense and the message was not only clear but inspiring.

The cards themselves are sturdy and beautifully printed with luminous colors and imagery. The booklet is a handy size that fits in the box with the cards, so it is very convenient to carry around. It is, alas, full of typos and so poorly bound that the pages are already starting to come loose, so I hope Dr. Meg will come out with a new version with a better instruction booklet.

The wisdom and energy behind these cards feels so powerful, however, that you could probably just use them on their own if the booklet falls apart. You could also use them in conjunction with "The Secret History of Consciousness", where the symbols first appeared and which I highly recommend.

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