The Helianx Proposition: The Return of the Rainbow Serpent—A Cosmic Creation Fable

The Helianx Proposition: The Return of the Rainbow Serpent—A Cosmic Creation Fable Hot

Miriam Knight   February 03, 2015  
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The Helianx Proposition: The Return of the Rainbow Serpent—A Cosmic Creation Fable
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March 01, 2015

The Helianx Proposition, a bardic literary work with exquisite fine-art illustration, is a modern-day creation myth that explores the deeper symbolic meaning of the legend of the Garden of Eden. This cosmic fable follows in the tradition of William Blake’s illuminated books—offering a mind-bending tale in the form of calligraphic poetry accompanied by rich commentary, along with numerous original full-color images. In particular, The Helianx Proposition reconstructs the possible story of the biblical serpent, extrapolating from the Christian tradition to suggest that the serpent too had a divine origin and had a valuable function to perform in the larger cosmos before and after its appearance in the Garden. In this work, renowned metaphysical writer Timothy Wyllie broadens our mind’s eye to take in new vistas of cosmic dimension, evoking pulses of time so vast as to be beyond the awareness of any species that is less long-lived than the ancient race.

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This is a book to be experienced and savored along multiple dimensions – the visual, the intellectual, and one I would call the timeless. Indeed one’s sense of time melds with the narrative and takes on a whole different rhythm; time is measured in eons as it carries one's imagination gracefully through successive waves of creation and evolution.
The story is told across two-page spreads in this sumptuously rendered large-format edition. On the right side of each spread is an illustration – beautifully rendered, sinuous, almost psychedelic - upon which the author has penned an often-amusing encapsulation of events. On the facing page is the detailed narrative, which takes the reader through the annals of cosmic history, using the Helianx as protagonists.
The Helianx are a fascinating cultural invention, being vast creatures who are so successful in living in harmony within their environment – feeding off cosmic energy and regulating their procreation to keep their population stable – that they are able to spend the eons in contemplation, creating poetry and song, and observing other civilizations through their telepathic abilities, and later through direct contact during their nomadic travels across the universes, and recording their cultures.
As they assimilate all this wisdom, they look for a way to preserve it for eternity, and thereby hangs the tale.
While this is the author's first fictional book, it incorporates themes and stories about the celestial hierarchy found in his earlier writings, including the Rebel Angels series, as well is as in such diverse sources as the Urantia book, the Bible, and the work of Zechariah Sitchin. It is delightful as a cosmic fable, yet also very intriguing as a colorful backstory to the creation myth most of us learned in childhood. The book is relatively short, and a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable read. You finish it with a sense of bemusement, and you will probably never look at time the same again.

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