The Heart's Note: Sounding Love in Your Life from Your Heart's Secret Chamber

The Heart's Note: Sounding Love in Your Life from Your Heart's Secret Chamber Hot

Stewart Pearce   March 09, 2011  
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The Heart's Note: Sounding Love in Your Life from Your Heart's Secret Chamber
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December 28, 2010

A powerful and inspirational treatise, this study examines the heart as the seat of the soul and shows how, with a daily application of love, humanity can access its wisdom to find answers and create change. Drawn from research of indigenous tribes, ancient rituals, and Christian mystics, this resource teaches that heart consciousness?the idea of the heart as the ultimate truth of creation and the way in which people connect with each other?will enable harmony, peace, and satisfaction. Also illustrating that there is something crucially lacking in today‚Äôs society because of the disconnect to the heart, this important investigation encourages readers to be open to love, the fundamental physiological aspect through which true inner peace, normally lost in childhood, can be rediscovered.

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Stewart Pearce's book THE HEART'S NOTE is a profound and extraordinary book of our time and I highly recommend reading it! The Heart's Note is a powerful guide and tool to reawaken your heart and soul to a deeper, more fulfillng, joyful existence and to remind you of who you truly are. Stewart's poetic and informative book explores many religions, cultures and the wisdom of the Angels, Saints and Masters to help expand and challenge your awareness, perception and preconceptions about your heart, your life, and your soul. Stewart gently reminds you of your immense power to love, be loved, heal, be healed and gives you wonderful tools to enhance your life on all levels. There are many moving accounts of his own client's transformational stories
to illustrate and clarify his message. THE HEART'S NOTE SONIC MEDITATIONS CD is also a must as it assists you to deepen into the healing power of sound, to discover and chant your heart's note, to receive healing, wisdom, inspiration and awareness from the power of the sound of your soul with
the loving assistance of Stewart and the angelic realms.
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