The Big E: Everything is Energy

The Big E: Everything is Energy Hot

Jarrad Hewett   April 03, 2012  
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The Big E: Everything is Energy
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September 01, 2011

That's just the way it is, huh? Well, have you ever stopped to wonder why? Maybe that's just the way the cookie crumbles, but wouldn't it be nice not to have to clean up all those messy crumbs? Ask, and ye shall receive! Welcome to "The Big E", a book that shows you exactly why things happen the way they do (and even better, how to change them). Join Jarrad Hewett (author of "Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation"), and Dee Wallace (star of E.T., Cujo, and author of "Conscious Creation") as they explore the nature of colloquialisms and show you how to create anything you want by unleashing the power of your own energy! This book offers a look at the Universe and how our thoughts go from energy to action and bring about our daily lives. Jarrad and Dee take a hilarious yet profound look at things we tell ourselves everyday: from "No pain, no gain" to "That's just the way it is", these two brilliant authors, actors, and healers, bring "The Secret" to life and show you how the thoughts you think create the world in which you think them. Sounds good, right? Well, you're not the only one who thinks so: "Jarrad and Dee have come up with wonderful and hilarious illustrations of counter intentions. In this book they have literally broken down the process of attraction to show you just how thoughts create. The best part? They've managed to do it using words and thoughts we use every single day". (Dr. Joe Vitale, bestselling author of "Zero Limits" and featured star of "The Secret" - this book is a must read for any conscious creator. So put those lemons down (Aren't you tired of lemonade?), and pick up this book.

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