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Diane Holcomb, EastWest Bookstore
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Do you have dreams of becoming a successful published author? Are you writing, or do you plan to write, a non-fiction book or novel? Good. Dream big. But build the foundation underneath, with this manual as your guide. Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book, asks the hard questions: Do you have a vision of success? What are you willing to sacrifice? Why would someone want to read your book? What is it about? Who is your market? And that's just the beginning. You've got the answers, and Nina's got the methods to draw them out. With worksheets to fill in, computer programs to help your process, and sample book proposals (with comments from agents), you'll learn how to set concrete goals, develop an "author attitude," analyze the market and the competition, come up with a saleable title, structure your masterpiece, build a platform to brand yourself, write, edit, and publish that dream book once and for all. Follow the steps, and you'll have a complete business plan or book proposal to show agents and publishers. The Author Training Manual is the guide to get for a budding author, someone who's been at it for awhile, or that person in your life who is always saying, "someday I'm gonna write a bestseller."

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