Spontaneous Transformation with Jennifer McLean

Spontaneous Transformation with Jennifer McLean Hot

Miriam Knight   April 25, 2016  
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Spontaneous Transformation with Jennifer McLean

For 25 years, Jennifer McLean has served as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, inspiring thousands worldwide to lead heart-centered lives focused on spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. Growing up in an alcoholic family and having survived years of middle school bullying, childhood sexual abuse, and cancer, Jennifer has used her life challenges as opportunities to become an internationally acclaimed healer, author, wellness entrepreneur, and transformational change agent. Her proprietary Spontaneous Transformation Technique has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate themselves from various ailments and heartaches.

Her fifth and latest book is Spontaneous Transformation – 7 Steps to Coping and Thriving in Extreme Times, it is a guide to her powerful healing technique, Spontaneous Transformation.

Her multimillion-dollar wellness organization, McLean MasterWorks, and its acclaimed sub-brands, Healing With The Masters, Living Your Success Signature Business, and MasterWorks Healing have made her a force in the human potential movement.

Website  http://www.spontaneoustransformation.com

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