Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms Hot

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Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms
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September 15, 2015

Knowing that you are “a spiritual being having a human experience” is eye-opening and inspiring, but can it tangibly transform your life? Pioneering healer Aleya Dao does more than say yes to this question — she shows you how, with stories and practices that are as potent and fresh as a morning cup of coffee or tea. By turning to your inner world, you can work with the limitless energies that create your outer world, making strides you never thought possible. With the help of your Higher Self, your angelic support Team, and the challenges you encounter every day, you will discover a whole new experience of empowerment, purpose, and joy.

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Aleya Dao had a dramatic awakening to dimensions not normally accessible to the rest of us. The literature from people with similar experiences seems to be growing exponentially. Many common themes have emerged, as people describe both their direct experiences and their interpretation of the meaning of what they have observed or been told by their guides. Unless you think mass hysteria is overtaking the planet, the fact that these messages echo one another in their essence, adds layer upon layer of credibility.

Aleya, whose background includes Degrees in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, is well-equipped to provide a detailed description of how our energy mediates between the physical and spiritual dimensions. She was guided to develop a powerful synthesis of energy and esoteric teachings, visualizations and affirmations based on seven fundamental understandings that she calls the 7 Cups of Consciousness. Each “Cup” or element is clearly explained, and laid out with how-to steps, insights and things to remember, the full protocol and wrap-up meditations. This user-friendly guide and workbook should enable any reader to shift their consciousness and learn how to manifest their heart’s desire.

The book offers a very plausible overview of the human experience that spans time and space. The basic principles are things that we have all probably suspected, at some level, like the existence of multiple dimensions in our reality, and that all have a loving “Team” of guides and angels standing by to support our growth and desires. Spoiler alert: you have to ask for help, and what you need may not always be what you want! Her aim in sharing her understandingWhether is is and the protocols in such detail, is to enable all of us to energize our connection with our Divine Spark, and shift our lives towards happiness, health, and abundance. This book offers some great tools for navigating the turbulent seas of life, and the reassurance of knowing that we always have a personal crew at our command.

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