Saving Delaney - a story of fierce love

Saving Delaney - a story of fierce love Hot

Miriam Knight   April 07, 2016  
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Saving Delaney - a story of fierce love

Keston and Andréa Ott-Dahl were an unconventional surrogate couple who refused to terminate their Down Syndrome baby. Through their love, dedication and Internet research, baby Delaney is flourishing at or beyond the developmental markers of normal kids.

Keston and Andréa Ott-Dahl became mothers "by accident"-and against daunting odds-to a very special child. Their uplifting memoir, Saving Delaney, traces the legal, medical, and emotional hurdles on the tortuous journey to the birth of their adorable, feisty daughter, Delaney Skye, falling fiercely in love and fighting for the life of a child with Down syndrome. They went on to establish the Delaney Ott-Dahl Foundation (, a non-profit organization that advocates for early intervention and offers resources for families expecting special needs children. Keston also blogs about their amazing gift of a daughter at

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