Rising Stars Lea Yekutiel, Vivek Balaguru and Alan Smith

Rising Stars Lea Yekutiel, Vivek Balaguru and Alan Smith Hot

Miriam Knight   May 06, 2015  
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Rising Stars  Lea Yekutiel, Vivek Balaguru and Alan Smith
Lea Yekutiel is on a mission to educate women about breast health, and to help prevent breast cancer by sharing her 25 Breast Health Tips on her website www.ilovemybreastcancer.com. In order to be able to reach more people, Lea also hosts a radio show, “Waves of Healing”, at www.blogtalkradio.com/Lea-Yekutiel, where she interviews Energy Healers, Spiritual Leaders and Health Conscious Personalities about simple methods of self-healing without drugs. Lea is also Reconnective Healer, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Intuitive and a life coach. She is the author of Making the Breast of It- Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy.

Vivekanada Balaguru (Vivbala) gives an account of the knowledge and wisdom he gleaned in his search to deal with the panic attacks that had been crippling him. His inspiring book, Life is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation, lays out simple steps and choices we can make to personally experience the healing that comes from connecting with Universal Intelligence.

After recovering his health with the help of the alternative therapies, Alan Smith decided to create a map to help others find their way around this growing territory of Alternative and Complementary medicine – CAM! His award-winning guide, available in paperback and Kindle, is called How To UnBreak Your Health: Your Map to the World of Complementary and Alternative Therapies. Now in its second edition, it lists over 330 different therapies. His website is: www.UnBreakYourHealth.com

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