Review Policy and Submission Guidelines

NCR invites submissions of books and films advancing the awakening of a New Consciousness in the world. If your title fits convincingly into any of the subcategories on our website's menu, we will welcome your submission. Self-published books must meet professional standards of content and editorial preparation. We do not guarantee to review a book you submit to us, nor do we guarantee to review it favorably.

Books are selected for review on the basis of overall quality, originality, informational and inspirational content. Editorial reviews are posted on the NCR Reviews blog and reposted to Amazon and Social Media sites. We also have these paid review options ( See media kit ):  

  1. Guaranteed Fast Track Reviews
  2. Audio Reviews on NCR Radio
  3. Featured reviews in the New Consciousness Review Magazine



Books, Films and other media are selected for review and for interviews on the NCR Radio show from among the titles sent to us on the basis of the preferences of our reviewers. We do not charge for reviews but we also don’t guarantee to review a submission.

To request a Review, you can email us a description or media kit to or send us a review copy.

For maximum and timely exposure, we also offer a Premium Service that does guarantee a Fast Track Review, but please note that we do not guarantee that the review will be favorable. ( See media kit ) Review copies should be sent to: New Consciousness Review, PO Box 80547, Portland, OR 97280

We will give priority to titles approaching release or newly released. Printed copies are preferred, although galleys or PDFs are acceptable. We regret that these requests are too numerous for us to send acknowledgements.

Getting a Book Listed on NCR

With so many wonderful books and films coming out, we do our best to provide our site visitors with a good selection based on the trending themes of the conscious awakening and also on our own curiosity, taste and passions.

If you want to be sure your titles get on the site, select any of our advertising options, and you'll get the  benefit of a guaranteed presence and a fast-track review.

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