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Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives
Self-Help & Empowerment
by Miriam Knight     April 30, 2015    
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5Inspirational first-hand accounts of epiphanies & insights

I'm delighted to have discovered this insightful book on the topic of sudden transformations some people experience of an insightful or mystical nature, that often lead to lasting, positive changes in their lives. While the types of insights and epiphanies experienced can vary greatly, the authors share observations of patterns that become apparent when reviewing peoples' experiences.

American Psychologists William Miller and Janet C'deBaca were inspired to investigate the phenomenon they call 'quantum change,' since they had noted with fascination the way some people experienced sudden changes in values, outlook, and personality--rather than making the kind of gradual improvement predicted by classical western psychological theories. Miller and C'deBaca's interviewed fifty-five men and women from all different walks of life who reported having experienced "bolts from the blue" when they suddenly "saw the light"--sometimes literally.

The type of changes evident in people's personalities were clear both to experiencers andthose around them. Remarkably, men who'd previously valued wealth, adventure, achievement and pleasure began valuing spirituality, personal peace, family, and God's will. Women's values changed from: family, independence, career, and fitting in to: growth, self-esteem, spirituality and happiness. Most people reporting quantum change experiences noted they now feel a great deal more peace, and worry a lot less about 'the little things' they had fretted and sweated about before.

I am especially appreciative of reading the first-hand descriptions of people's experiences, in which many men and women reported experiencing such states of unconditional love of a spiritual nature at specific times that they still clearly recognize as representing a moment when their life would never be the same again. One of the most memorable first-hand accounts is a transcription of a quantum change experience at the very time it was happening, when a voice recording was being made. I loved reading the transcript that shows in-the-moment exhilaration of experiencing what had moments earlier been boring expanses of dusty scenery into great beauty everywhere, and the summary of the experience as recalled some time later.

While Quantum Change is not a 'how to' book with exercises designed to help readers learn how to find profound personal truth and deep meaning, it can provide tremendous comfort to those who've had remarkable experiences. Such experiences are not commonly discussed in social chit-chat, nor even amongst most friends and family members, so this book can provide validation for people who discover that what happened to them happens to lots of other people, too, and can mark the beginning of living a life of greater meaning, joy, and love.

I highly recommend Quantum Change for anyone interested in the phenomenon of instantaneous transformation in general, and everyone involved in coaching, counseling, psychology, and therapy for its marvelous insights and inspirational first-hand accounts of quantum change.

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