Quantum Affirmations: The New Energy Science of Conscious Manifestation

Quantum Affirmations: The New Energy Science of Conscious Manifestation Hot

Julie Clayton   March 28, 2012  
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Quantum Affirmations: The New Energy Science of Conscious Manifestation
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April 01, 2012

When life lets us down, there's only one reason: it's all in our heads! We are what we affirm, positive and negative.

Quantum Affirmations offers an integrative approach to manifesting the love, happiness, prosperity, and success you want in your life. Renowned psychic and bestselling author Monte Farber teaches readers how to visualize and create the future they desire with simple and fun techniques to tunnel through any and all obstacles.

Quantum Affirmations is the revolutionary new method for harnessing your mind's power based on quantum physics. Farber has researched intriguing scientific principles and their complementary metaphysical laws that support that affirmations work. In Quantum Affirmations, he's applies those principles to formulate a simple 5-Step Process that anyone can use to create the future they want.

Farber Includes in-depth interviews of people he has guided step-by-step through the process, and shows readers how to create their own Quantum Affirmations. When the world seems to be falling apart and things getting out of control, this book offers an easy-to-use tool to take matters into your own hands.


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Don’t we all want to bend the universe to our will? Well Monte Faber thinks he has the formula. It is a 5-step process he swears by, and offers four case studies of people he has helped to change their lives using it. The steps themselves are quickly laid out, but require a fair amount of reflection on the reader’s part to fill in the blanks.
Steps 1 and 2 were to identify your goal and then look at your history around it. As Monte points out, you may well find out that you don’t really want what you thought you wanted. As he says, “If you know your question, you know your answer.”
Probably the most interesting aspect of the book was the process Monte led his subjects through to arrive at a clear understanding of what they really wanted, and what their gifts were. That was the third step – knowing what you were really good at that came easily to you.
Once you have a clear understanding of your strengths and your goal, you’re set to do the quantum bit, which is to combine, or “entangle” them in a visualization he calls “quantumplaytion.” I suppose what sets this book apart from most Law of Attraction books, is that it doesn’t just urge you on to positive affirmations, but guides you through some of the inner work that raises the likelihood of a positive outcome. He also very sensibly points out that as you go along, you change as a person and your goals probably will change as well.
So if you are still struggling with what you want to be when you grow up or losing weight, or seeking love or abundance, this book should provide some useful tools to manifest what you desire. Whether it is good psychology, quantum physics or a touch of magic, as long as it works, who cares?

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