ORBS: Clues To A More Exciting Universe

ORBS: Clues To A More Exciting Universe Hot

Dr. Miceal Ledwith   July 08, 2009  
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ORBS: Clues To A More Exciting Universe

Miceal Ledwith was featured in the hit movie "What the Bleep Do we Know?" and is the co-author with Dr. Klaus Heinemann of "The Orb Project" published by Beyond Words in November 2007. Now from one of the largest collections of orb photographs in the world comes this outstanding selection of 500 images.

In his personal collection Ledwith has more than 100,000 orb pictures. Using a fascinating series of these images he illustrates the enormous variety of orbs which it is possible for anyone to photograph. He discusses the best techniques, equipment, and skills to use and the mistakes to avoid. This DVD will make orb photography a compelling new experience for anyone who has even the simplest digital camera.

Based on his extensive study of both orbs and the roots of our quest for meaning, he draws some thought-provoking conclusions on what the orb phenomenon suggests about the nature of the universe and our place in it. It is a message of hope, comfort and inspiration for all those who cherish the divine within.

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This is the most fascinating video I've seen about the orb phenomenon. Dr. Ledwith's amazing pictures not only show thousands of orbs of every shape, color and size, but he also shows stargates - local distortions in an otherwise stable scene caused by inter-dimensional portals. He explains how he developed a two-way dialog with the orbs, and the information he accumulated about them as a result. Highly recommended as well if you are interesting in taking your own orb pictures.

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