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Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side
Psychic Communication
by Miriam Knight     May 28, 2015    
Dr. Jonni Gray
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When a medium writes a book, they have to do two things. First, they must speak in a language and tone that their readers can relate to. Second, they must tell great stories. Manhattan medium Thomas John delivers beautifully on both counts.

Although the author insists that, "This is not a book about dead people. This is a book about universal lessons..." It is, and it isn't.

Every passing, every death, has universal lessons for all to learn. By sharing the stories that arise between the living and the dead, the author gives the reader deeper understanding. The afterlife, the purpose of life, the reason why we die, are all laid out as personal and collective universal lessons. Each of the fifteen stories in the book keeps the reader actively engaged in the page-turner.

Those who want more evidence of life after death will find it in, "Never Argue with a Dead Person". Those who long to confirm their belief in the immortal soul will smile. They will feel the authenticity of the author's words, and indeed his work.

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