Mysticism for the Masses in The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

Mysticism for the Masses in The (not so) Little Book of Surprises Hot

Miriam Knight   November 22, 2016  
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Mysticism for the Masses in The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

What is surprise in your life but an instant opportunity for transformation? A moment that can send you ascending into joy and wonder or spiraling into deep thought and life-changing new awareness. The (not so) Little Book of Surprises might just do that.

William Arntz started his professional career as a research laser physicist, working on “Star Wars” high energy lasers. He then moved on to software, writing “AutoSys”–an automated job control system currently in use by most Fortune 500 companies. He sold that company, retired, but then decided to make a film: creating, producing and directing What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, an exploration of spirituality, quantum physics, neurology and outrageous possibilities. The film and the companion book, with editions in over twenty languages, were international hits. He is once again talking about retirement, although that is doubtful as he is married to modern mystic, Deirdre Hade. Together with Endre Balogh, they have produced a beautiful and uplifting book that is full of verbal and visual images that sing to the spirit.

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Deirdre Hade has been an artist and a visionary since childhood, writing poetry and conversing with the mystical worlds. As a ballet dancer and choreographer, she performed throughout the country and founded the dance ensemble, “Celebrations to the Sacred.” When, at sixteen, her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, Deirdre discovered the healing power of light, enabling her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected. As the founder of Radiance Healing and Meditation, Deirdre has guided people worldwide, teaching them to harness their own inner wisdom and healing potential. She is currently writing her story of life as a modern day mystic. To learn more, visit:


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