Multidimensional Travel and Adoption & Forgiveness

Multidimensional Travel and Adoption & Forgiveness Hot

Miriam Knight   July 13, 2015  
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Multidimensional Travel and Adoption & Forgiveness

While pursuing rigorously academic graduate work at Columbia University, Khartika Goe began researching metaphysical dimensions. Her passion is now writing and lecturing on the unknown and the mysteries of the universe, and in the course of her extensive travels around the world she has notably captured other dimensional beings and planes of existence on film. Prominent esoteric authors, researchers and documentary filmmakers have asked to use her accounts and photos in their own research and work on the multidimensional realms. She is currently focused on helping children with developmental and physical disorders use their energetic abilities, and she is in the process of establishing a special school to teach these kids how to develop their energetic potential.

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We’ve all seen the Hollywood, Oprah style adoption reunions on TV with hugs and kisses all round for the parent and child reunited. But in reality those warm and fuzzy feelings often don’t last for long. Above 60% of adoption reunions actually end in tears. Kimberly Smythe’s reunion with her daughter Kelcey, after 18 years apart, is one such case. Her story is one she has longed to tell, and in her book LETTING GO AGAIN: A Birth Mother’s Tale of Adoption, Reunion, Separation and Growth, she candidly reveals the trauma of giving up her child along with the complicated and emotionally fraught efforts to reconnect with her once they were reunited. Kim has experienced the stigma society attaches to the ‘birth mothers’, who often suffer alone and in silence.

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