The Return of Edgar Cayce

The Return of Edgar Cayce

Julie Clayton   February 29, 2012  
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The Return of Edgar Cayce
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March 23, 2012

In early 2011 Terry Cline sat down at his computer after finishing his latest novel. He was astonished to see text flowing onto the screen as he typed. But the words were not his and he soon realized the text was in fact coming from the world famous prophet and psychic Edgar Cayce. Who died in 1945. This book is what was communicated from Mr. Cayce to Terry Cline during a few weeks in 2011. The message is clear and strong and will give everyone who reads it a new positive perspective on life, death, and the people around them.

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This is a fascinating book filled with treasures of wisdom from the Sleeping Prophet himself—or at least, it certainly seems authentic in tone, language, and vision. The veracity of its origins notwithstanding, the messages cover the gamut from timeless wisdom on how to be better human beings, to galactic visions of the distant future, to the afterlife, to prophesies of global politics, and more. There is truth within these pages and some futuristic visions that will stir your imagination in unexpected ways. I was somewhat disappointed by some of the questions the author/recipient of these messages posed to Mr. Cayce, but nonetheless the juice lies in the messages themselves. Fascinating and intriguing, this slim volume will keep you hanging on every word

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