Meditations2Go - Guided Audio Meditations CD - Set 1

Meditations2Go - Guided Audio Meditations CD - Set 1 Hot

Julie Clayton   August 04, 2011  
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Meditations2Go - Guided Audio Meditations CD - Set 1
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June 01, 2011

Drawn from 25+ years of actual group meditation classes, Meditations2Go® guided audio meditations are extremely practical, combining ancient traditional meditative techniques with new approaches and new energies aligned with our time. And though they are guided, Meditations2Go help you experience and connect with your own unique guidance, wholeness, peace and clarity.

Features two full-length, fully immersive guided audio meditations (synchronized music and narration) on a single audio CD. Track 1: "Restoring Balance and Clarity" (26:48 minutes). Description: This guided audio meditation helps restore your natural calm and balance, emotionally, mentally, and physically, gathering in your strength, your energy, and your clarity. It’s excellent as a general meditation practiced regularly to keep you centered and on track. And it’s ideal for those times when heavy demands on your energy have pulled you off-center, leaving you feeling scattered, weary or simply overwhelmed. Track 2: "Releasing Emotional Tension" (27:25 minutes). Description: Whereas all our emotions are valid, they are not ours to keep. We must let them go or we become overwhelmed by them. This guided audio meditation assists you with the natural release of emotional tension, making room in your body and energy to experience your emotions in a balanced way.

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