Light Therapy and Quantum Biofeedback

Light Therapy and Quantum Biofeedback Hot

Miriam Knight   December 07, 2015  
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Light Therapy and Quantum Biofeedback

Wesley Burwell is a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Light Therapy Educator whose approach to health integrates multiple modalities.

Wesley Burwell studied Electronics Technology in Canada and shifted to energy medicine 10 years ago, after researching the best way to treat a relative who had cancer. Wes approached energy medicine from the basis of electrical theory and physics, and found that they are intricately involved on a cellular level.  He saw that various forms of energy had beneficial effects on the human energy system and the physical anatomy, allowing them to recover from numerous imbalances.

Wes has mastered all types of energy medicine, has toured extensively as an international speaker on the use of light therapy and the principles behind it, and has helped design and develop new and innovative light therapy products. Most recently, he contributed to the creation of the Parker University course on light therapy.

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