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Dean Evenson is known for combininghis beautiful flute music with the sounds of nature. Now, for the first time, he presents a CD of just natural sounds drawn from four interconnected ecosystems! Dean Evenson is an award-winning musician who pioneered the combining of his peaceful music with the sounds of nature over 30 years ago. He is an ardent advocate of the environment, and has used his albums to call attention to issues related to various ecosystems. These gentle sounds of nature are a perfect antidote to the stresses ofmodern urban life. For those who can t...
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- For over 30 years, this husband & wife team has created award-winning, relaxing instrumental music with nature sounds that has supported people's meditation process as well as as in overcoming insomnia. Now, they have created an album of guided meditations designed specifically to help people fall asleep, and stay asleep.- Dudley's soothing voice guides the listener to access deep relaxation, helping to let go of worrisome thoughts, while Dean & Dudley's soothing music of harp, flutes, and Tibetan bowls supports the process. The gentle nature sounds of and ocean waves help to lull the listener into...
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