Fountain of Youth Exercises

Fountain of Youth Exercises Hot

Naomi Sophia Call   May 16, 2011  
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Fountain of Youth Exercises
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May 01, 2011

For Vitality, Radiance, Joy & Fulfillment in Fifteen Minutes

Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of Tibetan monks, yoga practitioners, and indigenous people, this manual for aging is an informative and inspiring guide for coaching those in the second half of life to feel and look great. A combination of do-in—an ancient technique of self-massage that strengthens the chi and circulation and warms the body from the inside out—yoga poses, and breathing exercises, this program offers a simple approach that can be done in the comfort of the home. An immediate understanding of how to breathe will help practitioners live in a more conscious and efficient way, and the poses will build confidence for a healthier, longer life. A well-researched study, this is an invaluable tool for nourishing an aging inner and outer radiance.

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