First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar Created Europe's First Nation-state

First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar Created Europe's First Nation-state Hot

Freddy Silva   September 04, 2013  
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First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar Created Europe's First Nation-state
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October 13, 2012

The Templars' greatest accomplishment is the one never told. A fusion of rare sources and engaging storytelling, this provocative work by best-selling author Freddy Silva uncovers a previously unwritten chapter in Templar history that places the intrepid knights in a previously unknown time and place. It reveals how the Templars, in collusion with Cistercian monks and a mysterious group residing in an abbey on Mount Sion, carried out their greatest and least-known enterprise - the creation of Europe's first nation-state. The Knights Templar was established on Temple Mount in 1118. But what if it could be shown that prior to this date the order was already embedded in a land on the other side of Europe? And that three years before receiving papal approval Grand Master Hugues de Payns dispatched five knights with the power to establish a country that did not yet exist? Covering numerous territories and epochs, this fast-paced historical detective story shows how the Templars were not only instrumental in creating the state of Portugal, they subsequently built a kingdom within a kingdom in which they placed aspects of the Grail and practiced the ritual of 'raising the dead'. But why did the Templars venture to Jerusalem only to establish a virgin territory 2000 miles away? Was their motive related to a secret discovery under Temple Mount, a secret requiring protection from the Church, and for which the knights would rather die than reveal? Why did they build initiation chambers and source ancient temples dedicated to Isis? Why the obsession with John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene? Why did Portuguese Templar Masters vow to protect a holy bloodline? And why did their guidance come from an abbot in Clairvaux rather than the pope? First Templar Nation is an original, eye-opening account that will surprise even the most seasoned Templar enthusiasts. With 140 images. Freddy Silva is a researcher of ancient systems of knowledge and best-selling author.


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Piecing together references and documents studied over the course of fifteen years, Freddy Silva delivers a fresh understanding of the Knights Templar, what they were about, and the back-story of how and why they created a country. After reading the book, I can fully appreciate his fascination with this remarkable order of warrior knights and their spiritual brothers, the Cistercian monks.
For lofty vision and pure hard work, the achievements of these two groups would put our 60’s Flower Children to shame. Indeed, I wonder if there are any echoes of their humanistic and spiritual vision around today that would come up to their ankles, let alone their shoulders.
On the more esoteric level, Silva’s assumptions of what the Templars discovered during their excavations on Temple Mount in Jerusalem contribute to the intriguing idea that the bloodline of the Magdalene and Jesus continues to this day in the descendants of the Merovingian monarchs. My takeaway from the book, however, focused more on the legacy of the Templars in the enlightened nation-state they created, and down the centuries as it traced its way through the mystery schools and the Masons to the present day. Their example of community, service, equality, care for the earth and dedication to a higher spiritual truth, offer a stark contrast to the inner and outer conflicts generated today by materialism and religion.
This book is built in layers and circles round to help you keep track of the players and historical context. It is not an easy read, but compelling and rewarding.

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