EnerQi - Life Force for Positive Change

EnerQi - Life Force for Positive Change Hot

Miriam Knight   March 25, 2016  
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EnerQi - Life Force for Positive Change

Acupuncture is the oldest, most commonly used medical procedure in the world. Sheri Laine illuminates and demystifies the art of acupuncture, explaining natural energy and how it works, why you want it in your life and how you can cultivate your own powerful life force called Qi (Chi).

Sheri calls our own individual life force EnerQi, which is an energetic vibrating force field that circulates in and around each of us, and changes based on our lifestyle choices and how we care for ourselves.  By having Balanced EnerQi, your energetic frequency will be raised to a much higher level allowing you to be stronger and much more alive than ever before.

The simple key to maintaining vibrant well-being is learning how to tap into and harness our EnerQi, our own unique life force. In her book, Living The EnerQi Connection, Sheri helps readers achieve a better understanding of the practice of acupuncture, the concepts of our body’s energy and the energy that surrounds us in the world and how it works in your life. This knowledge will allow you to be able to participate in your own living process, healing process or health maintenance.

Sheri Laine is a Diplomate of Acupuncture and president of Eastern Medical Arts. Her Website is http://www.balancedenerqi.com

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