Emotional Healing and An Outrageous Woman

Emotional Healing and An Outrageous Woman Hot

Miriam Knight   December 07, 2015  
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Emotional Healing and An Outrageous Woman

Paula Muran is a leading teacher in the field of higher mind consciousness with a revolutionary new way to find out what's really troubling you.

Neal Katz is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for women rights that shines forth in his inspired dramatization of Victoria Woodhull’s amazing life story.

Paula Muran is a New Thought Leader and a futurist in the field of higher mind consciousness who specializes in the unconscious patterning of belief systems and how-to resolve the conflicted ego mind-- developing a relationship with your true self. Spurred by a profound spiritual awakening experience in the mid-80’s, her extensive background in transpersonal psycho- spiritual healing enabled her to develop a cutting edge and powerfully effective technology for strengthening the individual not only emotionally and mentally, but also spiritually.

How often do you know what the real issue is behind your anger or frustration? Paula suggests that there is no new anger. It’s all old anger from unresolved situations of the past. She has packaged her knowledge in an eCourse called “What's the Issue,” a revolutionary new way to find out what's really troubling you.

Paula Muran’s website is www.PaulaMuran.com


Neal Katz is a semi-retired, successful, serial entrepreneur, and former stockbroker with a passion for women rights. He lives a life based on self-awareness and Love. He practices Yoga, meditates daily, has taught A Course in Miracles, produced Oregon wines under the LOVE, a Wine Co. label, enjoys reciting Vedic sutras, and writes his own inspirational poetry.


He has just brought out the first volume of the Victoria Woodhull Saga, about the extraordinary woman who rose from being abused and prostituted by her father, to becoming the first female securities broker on Wall Street, and a fiery campaigner for women’s rights. Neal’s inspired dramatization of Victoria’s story serves to heighten awareness of the historical and continuing degradation and subjugation of women, as well as to expose the historical basis for the manipulation of the “free markets” of stocks, bonds and commodities.

Neal has pledged fifty percent (50%) of royalties from this book to a foundation for the empowerment and economic improvement of women, especially single mothers, formed in tribute to Victoria Woodhull and her passion for woman rights. Find out more at: http://thevictoriawoodhullsaga.com




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