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Divine Audacity: Dare to Be the Light of the World
Self-Help & Empowerment
by Miriam Knight     March 02, 2015    
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According to the author, "divine audacity is bold spiritual living, living under the radical premise that I A M divine." Drawing on the spiritual texts and traditions of many religions, the Martella-Whitsett makes a bold case for each of us to claim our own spark of divinity. Beginning from a foundation of meditation she guides you into using and cultivating your imagination to find an expression of divine identity that you feel comfortable inhabiting.
As a divine being or a spark of the divine, one has the obligation to make the most of the gift of life. The author points out that, “the opposite of life is not death. The opposite of life is stagnation. The currency of life is divine ideas, the limitless possibilities that we either quash or set in motion.” So remind yourself that you give life to your dreams, and that only the dreams that you give life to, live. Dare to dream!

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