Discovering the True You with Ayurveda: How to Nourish, Rejuvenate, and Transform Your Life

Discovering the True You with Ayurveda: How to Nourish, Rejuvenate, and Transform Your Life Hot

Julie Clayton   November 15, 2013  
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Discovering the True You with Ayurveda: How to Nourish, Rejuvenate, and Transform Your Life
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October 15, 2013

Also known as "the science of life," Ayurveda is a complete system of knowledge that deals with physical health, mental balance, spiritual well-being, social welfare, relationships, environmental issues, dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as the treatment of specific ailments. This deep knowledge has been passed down to us through the last fifty generations of Ayurvedic teachers in India, and its reputation is now growing internationally as a rich, coherent, and effective system of natural living and healing.

Discovering the True You with Ayurveda guides readers to optimum health and happiness through the seven pathways of Ayurveda. Beginning by helping you to discover your natural constitutional type, the book gives recommendations on the diet, exercise, and mental and spiritual outlook that you as an individual will benefit from. With your new understanding of your true constitution, you can use the information in Discovering the True You with Ayurveda to tailor a lifestyle and fitness program that works on all levels so you can live a truly authentic life. In all the essential aspects of contemporary life, from the food you eat to the work you do, from the relationships that sustain you to the natural world that nurtures you, it can guide you to health and happiness by teaching you how to fulfill your potential, empower yourself, and find meaning and purpose in everything you do.

The book is divided into chapters relating to a specific area of wellbeing: Constitution, Nourishment, Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Strength and Stillness, Ecology, and Relationship. Author Sebastian Pole, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner, packs the book with philosophical insights, dietary and nutritional information, massage and rejuvenation plans, meditation and yoga exercises, and Indian parables to illustrate Ayurvedic principles and impart some of its cultural background. The book also includes the Pukka Pantry, an appendix of Ayurvedic herbs and their benefits.

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This comprehensive book about Ayurveda is packed with knowledge and practical applications for utilizing the Ayurvedic system to "nourish, rejuvenate, and transform" your life. Ayurveda is a complete system of well-being for your life: mind, body, spirit, relationships, work, spirit.... If I were to summarize how it works in one word, I'd would say that it is all about balance-- finding and restoring the right balance for your "type," for your body's needs, for your lifestyle. From diet to yoga to addictions to herbal remedies to spiritual wisdom, this book is truly the only roadmap you'll need for the "art of living wisely."

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