Dare to Care: Caring for our elders

Dare to Care: Caring for our elders Hot

Julie Clayton   April 11, 2012  
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Dare to Care: Caring for our elders
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June 22, 2011

Dare to Care-Caring for our elders is a basic cookbook for new or existing adult non-professional caregivers. It is easy to read and useful as a handy reference.

You will learn:
The person you are caring for has unique needs. There are different types of care. Supervisory care is hands-off and Personal care is hands-on caregiving. Memory loss care and Palliative care are both forms of comfort caregiving. The first half of the book introduces these types of care. Each section provides specific topics.

Every caregiver uses fundamentals or building blocks of caregiving. The second half of the book presents: Caregiving basics - Communication, Infection Control, and Food Preparation and Storage. Home safety - Safety in the home and Fire safety. What to do in an emergency - Medical emergencies or accidents and prevention. Medication, Care plans, and Medical records. Financial and Legal papers - gathering and/or creating documents like Advance Directives or estate planning.

Dare to Care - Caring for our elders -- helps you keep your loved one living in their own homes as they age.

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