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Cannabis, Your Genes, and Epigenetics

David Krantz is a certified Apeiron Epigenetic Coach specializing in nutritional genetics, the endocannabinoid system, and cognitive health. His background is in music and audio engineering, but after biohacking his way out of some unusual and undiagnosable medical issues, he shifted his focus to helping others achieve optimal health too. Using genetics as a guide to help clients understand their unique nutritional and lifestyle needs, he began to apply this same approach to cannabis. He now researches and lectures on how genetic variations can effect an individual’s response to cannabis and has made it his mission to translate the often difficult-to-understand research into plain English. He sees clients both remotely and in person in Asheville, NC, and is passionate about helping people harness their untapped creative potential. Learn more about his work at

Cannabis Within Integrative Medical Practice

Dr. Michelle Sexton, ND graduated Bastyr University as a naturopathic physician in 2008, and studied the effects of Cannabis on Multiple Sclerosis during her fellowships at The University of Washington. She is an internationally recognized scientist currently researching the use of cannabis in opioid withdrawal, and is the co-author of Cannabis Use Survey: Confessions, Insights, and Opinions, the early report from a study that is still ongoing at

Cannabis for Pain and Palliative Care with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, M.D., Ph.D, FAAPMR is a physician specializing in hospice and palliative medicine and physical medicine. He also has a PhD in medical geography. Dr. Aggarwal’s research interests at the University of Washington focus on cannabis and cannabinoids. He led the AMA in 2009 to call for a review of marijuana scheduling. His website is