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The Bluesy Music of Chic Street Man
Miriam Knight   February 02, 2015   417   0   1   0   0   0
Chic Streetman is a multi-talented performer, musical director, composer and teacher, whose music transcends cultural barriers through acoustic bluesy ballads and funky upbeat originals. His lyrics focus on the positive alternatives while entertaining in a spirited manner. Chic is a great believer in the healing power of music... the power to heal the spirit, transform emotions, bridge cultural and social divides, and inspire hope. His website is About Chic After the Air Force, Chic got a B.S. Degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and served...
The Turning Point with Gregg Braden
Miriam Knight   January 27, 2015   337   0   1   0   0   0
A New York Times best-selling author, visionary and futurist, Gregg Braden’s work merges his expertise in leading-edge science with vast knowledge and a passion for the wisdom of our past. Joining his leading-edge books such as The God Code, The Divine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and Fractal Time is his latest book, THE TURNING POINT Creating Resilience in a Time of EXTREMES, a wake-up call, and a guide to navigating the turbulent waters of change surging ahead.  His website is:  
God's Message to the World with Neale Donald Walsch
Miriam Knight   January 15, 2015   357   0   1   0   0   0
Neale Donald Walsch’s work has touched the lives of millions through his Conversations with God books. Neale believes that everyone is having conversations with God all the time, and that the question is not: To whom does God talk? The question is: Who listens? His own decision to listen and to articulate God’s messages changed his whole life, and he believes the world would change overnight if only a fraction of its people embraced God’s most important message of all: You’ve got me all wrong. This is also the tagline to his latest book, God’s...
Children of Now Evolution with Meg Blackburn Losey
Miriam Knight   January 13, 2015   253   0   1   0   0   0
With her new book, Children of Now Evolution, Dr. Meg brings us up-to-date on the information she first introduced in her international bestselling book, The Children of Now, regarding the traits, talents and challenges of the new generations of children and young people coming into the planet. She analyses the elements in our society and environment impacting these kids, and offers some breathtaking insights on how to parent and relate to them. Meg Blackburn Losey is a sought-after keynote speaker and lecturer, and is the creator of the "Touching the Light" healing modality. She...
Radical LIfe Change with Derek Rydall
Miriam Knight   December 27, 2014   272   0   1   0   0   0
After a life-changing brush with death, Derek Rydall tried to become a monk, then minister, before becoming a licensed integrative therapist. Today, he is a prominent life coach and consultant for Emmy and Academy Award winners, Fortune 500 executives, and evolutionary leaders in business, spiritualism, and the healing arts. He is the author of two Amazon bestselling books, and his latest book is “Emergence, Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.”  
My Life Contract with Joel Fotinos
Miriam Knight   December 18, 2014   585   0   1   0   0   0
JOEL FOTINOS is a vice-president and publisher at Tarcher/Penguin, spiritual success coach, and author of The Prayer Chest, Multiply Your Blessings, A Little Daily Wisdom, and The Think & Grow Rich Workbook. He is also a licensed minster with the Centers for Spiritual Living, and just published his latest book, My Life Contract: a 90-day Program for Prioritizing Goals, Staying on Track, Keeping Focused, and Getting Results.
James O'Dea - The Conscious Activist
Miriam Knight   December 10, 2014   343   0   2   0   0   0
James O’Dea is a renowned figure in international social healing who has conducted healing and reconciliation dialogues for twenty years. He was director of Amnesty International’s Washington, DC, office, past President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences,  and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group. His new memoir is called, The Conscious Activist: Where Activism Meets Mysticism.
Natural Remedies for Inflammation with Christopher Vasey
Miriam Knight   December 08, 2014   363   0   1   0   0   0
Christopher Vasey, N.D., is a naturopath in Switzerland specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. He is the author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, Optimal Detox, The Naturopathic Way, and The Healing Power of Fever. Today we discuss his latest book, Natural Remedies for Inflammation.  
Life, Love, Sex and Kundalini
Miriam Knight   December 02, 2014   480   0   1   0   0   0
We have two guests today – Mikaya Heart and JJ Semple – as well as some suggestions of books for holiday giving. Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner and author. She was born in Scotland, and worked on organic farms in Wales, lived in communes, and trained as a mechanic in England in her twenties. She became a committed and active environmentalist in the seventies, and was the first commercial organic hog farmer in the US. Her most recent book is “Life, Lies, and Sex: a User’s Guide to Being...
Kingsley Dennis on The Phoenix Generation
Kingsley Dennis   November 25, 2014   244   0   1   0   0   0
Kingsley L Dennis, PhD, is a sociologist, researcher, and writer whose new book, ‘The Phoenix Generation – a new era of connection, compassion and consciousness,’ describes the qualities of the young people who will come of age in the next 15 years and their likely impact on the world. He is the author of Struggle For Your Mind’ (2012); ‘New Consciousness for a New World’ (2011) and the highly regarded ‘Dawn of the Akashic Age,’ co-authored with Ervin Laszlo.  
Consciously Created Cinema with Brent Marchant
Miriam Knight   November 17, 2014   317   0   1   0   0   0
Brent Marchant is an author, journalist, blogger, lifelong movie fan and longtime student of metaphysics. He wrote Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies, and a new book called Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction, a reader-friendly look at the different ways that the practice of “conscious creation” (also known as “the law of attraction”) is illustrated through film. Follow Brent on Twitter (@Brent_Marchant) or through his website,
Trenace Rose and the Akashic Alphabet
Miriam Knight   November 06, 2014   283   0   1   0   0   0
Trenace Rose’s book, Akashic Alphabet, reflects the intuitive information she received from the Akashic Records about the highest manifestations represented by an evolved humanity across many cultures and traditions. With the collaboration of a master artist, Trenace was able to translate all of it into a visual representation of her cosmic visions.  
Be a Genie with Maureen St. Germain
Miriam Knight   November 01, 2014   307   0   1   0   0   0
Maureen St. Germain is a best-selling author, musician, channel and teacher. She was given direct access to the Akashic Records, and has been teaching about the MerKaBa Meditation and Higher Self connection since 1994.  Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen’s latest book, “Be A Genie - create love, success and happiness,” shares step-by-step, practical tools and practices based on the laws of quantum physics and sacred geometry.  
The  Alter-Native Music of Medz Hawk
Miriam Knight   October 27, 2014   274   1   1   0   0   0
Our guests are Tea Hawk and Red Hawk Woman, an inspired duo who perform together as MEDZ HAWK, offering a mix of contemporary, traditional, and spoken word. They have won many awards, both as a team and individually, and these indigenous artists on the Red Road produce a unique blend of music, combining traditional, contemporary, hip-hop, ambient and spoken word in a new genre they call alter-native. You can follow them on FACEBOOK. Their award-winning track is on their album MEDZ HAWK  
Conscious Living Conscious Aging with Ron Pevny
Miriam Knight   October 20, 2014   265   0   1   0   0   0
Ron Pevny is the founder and director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, and conducts workshops across the country. He has a Masters degree in Integral Counseling and Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is a certified Sage-ing Leader and member of the Coordinating Circle of Sage-ing International. He is the author of “Conscious Living Conscious Aging – Embrace & Savor your Next Chapter.”  
The Earth Keeper with Adam Hall
Miriam Knight   October 09, 2014   483   0   1   0   0   0
Adam Hall was living the American Dream and found it was sucking the life out of him. He turned his vast experience in real estate development into a new career as an Earthkeeper and real estate “undeveloper.” He tells his very personal story in his book, “The Earth Keeper – Undeveloping the Future.” His website is
Reviewers Roundtable - 4
Miriam Knight   October 07, 2014   342   0   1   0   0   0
Reviewers Roundtable - Julie Clayton, Cynthia Sue Larson and Miriam Knight discuss some of their favorites among recent books. Books covered today: Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life by Jonni Gray, PhDThe Nature of Reality: Akashic Guidance for Understanding Life and its Purpose by Aingeal Rose O'GradyWalking Home by Sonia ChoquetteRadical Relationship Resource by Dr. Carol Morgan and Dick SutphenGuided: A True Story by Linda DeirThe Neurotic's Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment by Chris NiebauerA Year Without Fear: 5-Minute Mindset Shifts by Tama Kieves ...
Walking Home with Sonia Choquette
Miriam Knight   September 29, 2014   300   0   1   0   0   0
Sonia Choquette, a world-renowned intuitive guide and spiritual teacher, is the author of 19 international best-selling books, including the New York Times bestseller The Answer Is Simple. Despite her success, her life imploded, and to find herself again she undertook the 840 km pilgrim’s route from France across the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Her new book, “Walking Home - a Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed,” is the story of her journey on the Camino de Santiago.  
What Wags the World with JD Messinger & Miriam Knight
Miriam Knight   September 19, 2014   312   0   1   0   0   0
JD Messinger steps in as guest host to interview Miriam Knight about “What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening,” the book she co-edited with Julie Clayton. She interviewed 37 undeniably credible people - including medical doctors and military officers, scientists and stockbrokers, physicists and psychics who paid attention when the Universe came knocking, and whose lives and perceptions of reality were forever changed as a result.  
Adventures of the Soul with James Van Praagh
Miriam Knight   September 11, 2014   531   0   1   0   0   0
James Van Praagh is the internationally renowned #1 New York Times best-selling author who has worked as the voice of the Spirit World for the past 30 years. He has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, Coast to Coast, and many other programs. He is also the successful creator and producer of CBS’s long-running series The Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Today, we discuss his delightful new book, Adventures of the Soul.   
Your Inner Will with Piero Ferrucci
Miriam Knight   September 08, 2014   231   0   1   0   0   0
Dr. Piero Ferrucci is a psychotherapist and philosopher, and the author of The Power of Kindness, Beauty and the Soul, and Inevitable Grace.  He was a former student of and collaborator with transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli, His newest release, YOUR INNER WILL, explores human resilience and the various facets that compose our concept of the will, and provides concrete lessons in developing internal willpower during times of personal crisis.    His website is
The Endless Practice with Mark Nepo
Miriam Knight   September 01, 2014   357   0   1   0   0   0
Mark Nepo, is a poet and philosopher who has taught in the fields of poetry and spirituality for over 30 years. He is the author of 15 books, including The Book of Awakening - a New York Times #1 bestseller, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, which won the 2012 Books for a Better Life Award, and The Exquisite Risk cited as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2005. Mark has appeared several times with Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Sunday program on OWN TV, and will be part of Oprah's upcoming The Life You Want...
The Human Akash with Monika Muranyi
Miriam Knight   August 22, 2014   644   0   1   0   0   0
Monika Muranyi was a national park ranger in Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years. Following a spiritual awakening, she dedicated herself to exploring the deeper mysteries of the universe. Monika was deeply influenced by the Kryon books and channelings by Lee Carroll, joining his team and writing a trilogy of books that organize and illuminate this information by theme, including The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash. Her website is:  
Gail Thackray Visits John of God
Miriam Knight   August 19, 2014   331   0   1   0   0   0
Gail Thackray is a Yorkshire lass who is a psychic medium and healer. She hosts the documentary series “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys,” and has written a book and starred in a documentary about her visits to John of God, the extraordinary Brazilian healer.
Open-Source Everything with Robert David Steele
Miriam Knight   August 11, 2014   276   0   1   0   0   0
Robert Steele was a former CIA clandestine services case officer and a Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years. Since 1988, when he left the clandestine service to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he has advocated for intelligence (decision-support) reform and the use of open source intelligence (OSINT), which is the subject of his book, The Open-Source Everything Manifesto. Robert curates Phi Beta Iota, the Public Intelligence Blog, whose motto is "the truth at any cost lowers all other costs," at
A Psychic Healer and an Epic Poet
Miriam Knight   August 05, 2014   307   0   1   0   0   0
NEXT: PATTI CONKLIN is a world-class energy healer, speaker and teacher of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions or physical challenges. She is the author of God Within – The Day God’s Train Stopped. Her website is Frederick Glaysher is an epic poet, and the author or editor of several books, including “A Parliament of Poets.”He has taught American, non-Western literature, and world religions, has been a Fulbright-Hays and NEH scholar on China and...
How the Poor Can Save Capitalism with John Hope Bryant
Miriam Knight   July 26, 2014   439   1   1   0   0   0
Our guest is John Hope Bryant, recognized as one of Time magazine’s “50 for the Future” leaders. John is one of the nation’s most recognized empowerment leaders. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE and Bryant Group Companies. He was appointed by President Obama to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans. He is also cofounder of the Gallup-HOPE Index. He is the only African-American bestselling business author for his book, Love Leadership and today we discuss his new book, "How the Poor Can Save Capitalism – Rebuilding the Path to...
Reviewers Roundtable - July 2014
Miriam Knight   July 21, 2014   635   0   1   0   0   0
Top reviewers from the New Consciousness Review website tell us about some of the books they’ve recently reviewed that particularly impressed them. Joining Miriam Knight today are: Julie Clayton, Cynthia Sue Larson and Diane Holcomb. The books discussed are: Essentialism by Greg McKeownSupernormal by Dean RadinGod Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped – by Patti ConklinLife by the Cup by Zhena MuzykaThe Self-Actualizing Cosmos by Ervin Laszlo A Fuller View by L. Steven SiedenHow Do You Pray? by Celeste YacoboniThe Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland ...
Photo of Bob DSC_0013.JPG
Miriam Knight   July 14, 2014   451   0   1   0   0   0
Bob Wheeler is a certified public accountant, a standup comedian, mountain climber, and lifelong meditator. He is passionate about helping people mover from financial shame and pain to hopefulness and proactive abundance.  We discuss his book, “The Money Nerve – Navigating the Emotions of Money,” which he wrote after 25 years of dealing with the results of avoidance, ignorance and self-sabotage from so many clients in his accounting practice.  
David Young and Barry Goldstein
Miriam Knight   July 07, 2014   303   0   1   0   0   0
Our guests are two amazing musicians I met at INATS, the International New Age Trade Show in Denver.Each in his own way is demonstrating a very high spiritual vibration. David Young is widely known for his relaxing instrumental music in which he plays two recorders in harmony at once. He has sold over 1million CDs, but here we talk about his new book, “Channeling Harrison - book one,” in which he tells of his remarkable and reluctant journey to accept that George Harrison of the Beatles wanted to talk to the world through David. His...
St Francis & St Claire of Assisi with Bruce Davis
Miriam Knight   July 02, 2014   291   0   1   0   0   0
Our guest is Bruce Davis, a teacher of world religions, and a spiritual psychologist. He has been teaching and guiding people in the art of silence for many years, and together with his wife, runs a silent retreat center in California. He has studied with spiritual teachers around the world, and is one of the world’s leading secular authorities on the inner life of St. Francis of Assisi. He in fact lived in Assisi for many years, and has now written a fictional book called Love Letters: Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi Meet Pope Francis...
Miriam Knight   June 20, 2014   523   0   1   0   0   0
Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD is the father and face of Functional Medicine, an important new model of healthcare for preventing and reversing chronic illness that we will explore today. He has mentored doctors like Mehmet Oz, Joel Furman, and Mark Hyman and taught practitioners around the world. Dr. Bland founded the Institute for Functional Medicine in Seattle, as well as the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, and has just come out with a new book called THE DISEASE DELUSION: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life . The website is ...
The Compass of Now with DDnard
Miriam Knight   June 16, 2014   311   0   1   0   0   0
Left a widow with a 1-year-old baby and $3 million in debt, DDNard explains how she used the wisdom, practices and tools featured in this amazing story of transcendence to pay off all her debts and become financially and emotionally free. She has become a highly respected spiritual teacher, and her teachings are beautifully conveyed in her book,"The Compass of Now". Dave Markowitz talks about how healers and those sensitive to energies can take on physical and emotional symptoms that are not theirs. His book, "Self-Care...
Magnificent Truths of Our Existence with Daniel Parmeggiani
Miriam Knight   June 09, 2014   281   0   1   0   0   0
DANIEL PARMEGGIANI was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. Growing up in a household traumatized by the violent death of his older brother, and caught between two radically different parental worldviews, young Daniel often felt guilty, isolated and depressed. Neither psychoanalysis nor religion offered relief, but at age 17 he experienced a deeply cathartic vision around self-forgiveness and self-love that changed his life and enabled him to go on to successful careers, first as a computer scientist and currently as a day-trader in the stock market. ...
Reviewers Roundtable - May 2014
Miriam Knight   May 20, 2014   291   0   1   0   0   0
Miriam Knight moderates the Roundtable Discussion by some of NCReview’s top reviewers of their favorites among books they’ve recently reviewed. Participants in this week’s show: Julie Clayton, the Reviews Editor for New Consciousness Review. Her website is: Cynthia Sue Larson, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker. Her website is: Kandy Williams, a writer, photographer and spiritual explorer. Her website is: EXPLORING THE CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG: SPLIT MINDS & META-REALITIES by Joseph Chilton Pearce PERCEPTUAL...
Gates of Power with Nomi Bachar
Miriam Knight   May 16, 2014   452   0   1   0   0   0
Nomi Bachar is a holistic spiritual counselor and a self-healing, self-actualization expert. When the trials in our lives become so draining that we lose our sense of who we are and where we were wanting to go, we may need help in refocusing and taking back our power. In her new book, Gates of Power, Actualize your True Self, Nomi offers the next best thing to a live mentor – a comprehensive guide for looking at each facet of our lives to see where and why we may have strayed off our ideal path and how to...
Your Second Brain with Dr. Irina Matveikova
Miriam Knight   May 15, 2014   356   0   1   0   0   0
Our guest, Dr. Irina Matveikova, is an internationally recognized teacher and lecturer in digestive health and functional nutrition. She speaks to us from her clinic in Barcelona, Spain, explaining what can go wrong with our digestion, why, and how to fix it. Medically trained, but with an alternative perspective, she provides a balanced and integrative view of the best ways to bring the body back into balance and halt or even reverse the ravages of aging and the modern lifestyle. Today we’re going to discuss her book, Digestive...
Why Follow Rules with James Maberly
Miriam Knight   May 10, 2014   267   0   1   0   0   0
James Maberly is the author of “Why Follow Rules? Trust your Intuition.” As an artist, James got fed up with making art to suit the market rather than to express his spirit. He recognized that he was too tied to convention, too stuck in a ‘traditional’ mind-set, following rules and guidelines that restricted his progress. As he began to change the rules for himself, he began to see how so many others were caught in the same trap, so he decided to write about it. The book website is, and his intuitive drawing...
Judas of Nazareth with Dan Unterbrink
Miriam Knight   May 03, 2014   345   0   1   0   0   0
What if the historical Jesus of Nazareth was actually a Jewish preacher and freedom fighter who was born a generation earlier? What if Paul or his disciple wrote the Gospel of Mark to whitewash Paul's crimes and legitimize his break from the actual teachings of Jesus? Lifelong biblical scholar and former forensic auditor Dan Unterbrink cites chapter and verse among the historical texts to make a very substantial and convincing argument that this was indeed the case. The evidence is laid out in his book, Judas of Nazareth - How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century...
Induced After Death Communication with Dr. Allan Botkin
Miriam Knight   April 24, 2014   678   0   1   0   0   0
Induced after-death communication (IADC) is a real breakthrough in the fields of grief and trauma therapy. Allan L. Botkin, a Doctor of Psychology, worked for 20 years at a VA hospital and specialized in treating PTSD among combat veterans. He discovered that a variation of EMDR, or eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, reliably induced after-death communications in his patients, giving them dramatic relief from the anger, guilt and sadness they had been carrying. He has since expanded the use of the technique with impressive results, which are described in his book, Induced After Death Communication. ...
The Grid with Marie Jones
Miriam Knight   April 21, 2014   278   0   1   0   0   0
Our guest is Marie D. Jones, a paranormal explorer who has written and lectured widely about cutting edge science, the paranormal, Ufology, consciousness, Noetics, and metaphysics. A popular guest on radio and TV, she also a co-hosts the Dreamland Radio show. Marie is the author of a “PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena,” and has a very fruitful collaboration with Larry Flaxman, with whom she has co-authored many books, including “The Déjà vu Enigma,” “This Book Is From the Future,” and the one we will...
Reviewers Roundtable
Miriam Knight   April 15, 2014   345   0   1   0   0   0
Miriam Knight moderates the Roundtable Discussion by some of NCReview’s top reviewers of their favorites among books they’ve recently reviewed. Participants in this week’s show: Julie Clayton, the Reviews Editor for New Consciousness Review. Her website is: Cynthia Sue Larson, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker. Her website is: Lamisha Serf , a greeting card creator, avid reader, dreamer, and life coach. Her website is Books discussed: The Boy Who Died and Came...
Transhuman Potential with Ted Chu
Miriam Knight   April 03, 2014   495   0   1   0   0   0
What is the next evolutionary stage of humanity? Ted Chu has some surprising answers. A world-class macro economist, futurist and former chief economist at General Motors and the Abu Dhabi investment Authority, he is currently a professor of economics, but for the last 15 years his second career has been focused on the philosophical dilemmas raised by today’s transhumanist movement and humanity's place in the universe. He is the author of Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: a Cosmic Vision for Our Future Evolution (March, 2014, Origin Press) ...
Radical Remission from Cancer with Kelly Turner
Miriam Knight   March 29, 2014   279   0   1   0   0   0
Kelly Turner, Ph.D., is a researcher, author, and lecturer in the field of integrative oncology. She received her B.A. from Harvard University, and did her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, where her dissertation focused on the Radical Remission of cancer, which is a remission that occurs either in the absence of Western medicine, or after Western medicine has failed to achieve remission. The Radical Remission Project, which she founded, is an innovative website dedicated both to collecting new cases of Radical Remission for research purposes,...
Katherine Agranovich and her Large, Loud Spiritual Family
Terri Daniel   March 24, 2014   421   0   1   0   0   0
Our guest is Katherine Agranovich, a native of Minsk in Western Russia near the Polish border, a town that was devastated by the Nazis in WWII. In 1992, at the age of 22, she emigrated to the United States with her family to escape unrelenting discrimination against Jews, which ranged from bullying as a child to being barred from medical school despite having achieved the highest grades. A feisty, yet deeply spiritual woman, Katherine is on a mission to share the remarkable insights she has received through her family members, both living and passed on. ...
Death, Grief & the Afterlife with Terri Daniel
Terri Daniel   March 17, 2014   338   0   1   0   0   0
Terri Daniel is an ordained interfaith minister, clinical chaplain and intuitive counselor who helps people who are dying or in grief, reach what she calls a more spiritually spacious understanding of death and beyond. Her first book was A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds – extraordinary conversations that she had with her son Danny after his death in 2006 at age 16. She also wrote Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God, which offers a unique metaphysical perspective via her channeled teachings on birth, death and the afterlife. ...
One ER Doctor's Perspective on Life - Dr. Louis Profeta
Miriam Knight   February 27, 2014   486   0   1   0   0   0
Dr. Louis M. Profeta practices full time Emergency Medicine at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis, and teaches Emergency Medicine at Indiana University. He is responsible for their Mass Casualty Preparedness, and has testified before Congress on this topic. A popular speaker and frequent guest on television and radio, including NPR, he has received numerous honors and awards for his contributions to community health and volunteerism. His first book, The Patient in Room Nine says He’s God, has received critical acclaim for its profoundly human portrayal of an Emergency Physician, with all his fallible and indeed heroic sides....
Death by Food Pyramid with Denise Minger
Miriam Knight   February 23, 2014   283   0   1   0   0   0
Denise Minger is a health writer and lecturer known for aggressively challenging today’s leading voices of conventional wisdom. Her thorough critiques of the USDA guidelines and “The China Study” have made her a major player in the progressive health community, and a major thorn in the side of both mainstream nutritionists and other health figures promoting flawed dietary dogma. Her first book, "Death By Food Pyramid," is an intelligent synthesis of her extensive research into nutrition and the pros and cons of the many dietary approaches popular today. Her...
Stand With Me - Filmmaker Grant Peelle
Miriam Knight   February 17, 2014   390   0   1   0   0   0
Grant Peelle is the Creative Director of Stillmotion Studios, a Portland, Oregon based hive of passionate storytellers in video format. We discuss their new film called “STAND WITH ME,” a documentary about a 9-year-old girl who started a lemonade stand with the goal of freeing 500 children from the grips of slavery. The film grew into a poignant exploration of child slavery and what determined people can do to be part of the solution. Our bonus guest is Swiyyah, a motivational speaker who, despite a childhood of sexual and...
Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
Donna Eden   February 11, 2014   305   0   1   0   0   0
Donna Eden, a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine for 35 years, is among the field's most sought, joyous, and authoritative spokespersons. Able to clairvoyantly "see" the body's energies since childhood, her healing abilities are legendary. Her best-selling book, Energy Medicine, is the classic in its field. Translated into 18 languages, it was the Health Book of the Year at the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards. Its sequel, Energy Medicine for Women, won golds in two national competitions. She and her husband, David Feinstein, direct the world's largest organization teaching Energy Medicine....
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