Cancer - A Book of Hope with Lise Bourbeau

Cancer - A Book of Hope with Lise Bourbeau Hot

Miriam Knight   April 02, 2016  
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Cancer - A Book of Hope with Lise Bourbeau

Lise Bourbeau is the founder of the largest French personal growth school in the world, the Listen to Your Body School. In 1982, Lise left her successful career in international sales to follow a dream in which she was helping people listen to their body. She founded the Listen to Your Body School in Canada, and the philosophies taught through her workshops and through her 24 best-selling books, are based on the relearning of unconditional love. She and her team run workshops around the world and her books have sold over four million copies in more than 22 countries.

In this interview we talk about her inspiring book, “Cancer, A book of Hope”, where she shows that cancer is not an inevitable fate but rather a message aimed at helping you recover happiness and inner peace. The book is based on Lise’s tried and tested approach based on thousands of cancer stories from her 30 years of practice.

Her websites are: and

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