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Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much
Self-Help & Empowerment
by NCR Admin     July 31, 2015    
(Updated: August 03, 2015)
Diane Holcomb, EastWest Bookstore
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Being busy is an easy option, says Tony Crabbe. Easy? Cramming work, meetings, chores, errands, social media, exercise, hobbies, and family time into our waking hours—that's easy? Yes, because busyness keeps us from making the "difficult decisions" of having to choose what to do. It's also a method of avoidance, of feeling productive even though we're procrastinating from doing a hard task. And it's addictive, a dopamine rush every time we check our smartphones. If only we could better manage our time, find a way to increase our productivity, acquire more of whatever it is we're chasing after to feel happy! Well, as Crabbe points out, those methods aren't the answer. We need to focus our attention, not multitask. We need to make tough choices about our time. We need to put our values first, and have deeper relationships with fewer people while pursuing what matters most. Crabbe, a master of busyness, learned to master his busyness by choosing not to be busy. How? By choosing fewer, big, important tasks to focus his attention on and un-choosing others, by accepting imperfection, breaking his day into big chunks of activity instead of multitasking, slotting short periods of time to blast through emails, maximizing breaks, and…well, read the book and you'll learn masterful tips to master your life.

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