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Feel the Burn–Burning Up the Seeds of Aggression

In her book, Practicing Peace in Times of War, Pema Chodron asks the question, Why is it that we all want a peaceful existence, yet our actions or reactions produce just the opposite. We seek peace and happiness by going to war. This can occur personally with those close to us. Or it can happen in the world theater with country against country.

We want to be compassionate and loving to those around us, but many times, we react in anger and with judgmental behavior. Our small self feels injured or betrayed, and we strike back, in a fashion we are accustomed to. The script is written for us according to our karma. The end result of our negative reactions is more suffering, and even more karma. This aggressive human tendency to react in anger may be the root of all wars and suffering.

Pema Chodron tells us the antidote to anger is patience. When a rude driver yells out his window at you, there is a moment when you have the choice how to react. These moments require patience combined with compassion. fearlessness, and a great deal of energy. She advises us to go cold turkey, watch the anger, don’t suppress it, but also don’t react to it. Pema asked her teacher Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Master, why this moment was so uncomfortable if we don’t give into anger. He said it was the burn, burning up seeds of aggressive behavior. We are burning the seeds of negative karma and planting the seeds of peacefulness.

We need to learn to soften our hearts. In order to end war, both globally and personally, we must be willing let go of the doctrine of being right and soften the rigidity of our heart, to find solutions that benefit both sides of the conflict. This is why the peace and reconciliation movements were so powerful for South Africa and Ireland.

Pema counsels that we have endless opportunities to dissolve the seeds of war where they originated in the hearts and minds of individuals like you and me. The Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King was an example. It was based on love, love that excluded no one and, it brought great changes in this country’s culture.

We find ourselves again in a period of great change. We can help birth positive change by allowing ourselves to think compassionately, not only of those who have suffered great loss, but also those who are engulfed in hatred, revenge or divisive behavior. This is true Bodhisattva action, caring for all sentient beings. May all Beings Be Happy! 

Namaste, Jamey and Darlene Potter


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Spiritual Magnetism

…spiritual magnetism is something different. It is the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all-round happiness and well-being. Yogananda from The Divine Romance

We are fortunate indeed to have the wise counsel of contemporary spiritual masters who understood this century’s challenges. Paramhansa Yogananda founded his headquarters in California in 1925. He experienced the Great Depression and World War II and taught us how to “stand unshaken ‘midst the crash of breaking worlds.”

This fall we have experienced world events that have caused waves of fear about our economic stability. Economic analysts agree that the panic of the 1929 Great Depression was caused by psychological fears of scarcity and loss. What if we as a core group of conscious individuals refused to give into fear and used our thoughts for our and humanity’s own true good? What tools would we use? How would this look as our spiritual practice?

In How To Be a Success Yogananda talks about spiritual magnetism–each person has either positive or negative magnetism. “To develop positive magnetism, we must do everything with deep concentration. Everytime you are looking, listening or lifting your hands, you are throwing out magnetic current. When you send a thought, you are sending energy with it. To be firm is magnetic; to be just is magnetic; to be kind is magnetic.”

To be with others who are spiritually strong, we project a stream of successful and inspirational ideas and thoughts into the univeral flow of energy. These thoughts vibrate at a high rate and attract other similarly composed thoughts–spoken words vibrate at a lower rate than thoughts.

Yogananda stressed that moments are more important than years–we can use our moments skillfully by developing habits of positive thoughts and speech. We now know through quantum physics experiments that the outcome of thoughts can be measured (See the DVD Down the Rabbit Hole or the book The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggert). Why not view our current stock market trying to right itself after unskillful handling as a grand experimant? Do not be fooled by the magnetic headlines of gloom and doom. Go on a media fast and create your own powerful headlines by affirming positive change.

Yogananda said there are no obstacles, only opportunities! By continuously sending out positive thoughts, while working cautiously and with wisdom on current circumstances, we can turn the tides of destiny to a favorable outcome for ourselves and the world.

Let us envision a better world of peace, prosperity, equanimity and spiritual growth for all humanity.

Namaste, Darlene & Jamey

Beyond the Secret

If You’re Not Living On the Edge You’re Taking Up Too Much Room! by Bob Procte

As we write this message in the New Year of 2009, many of us find ourselves “living on the edge” possibly not by choice and probably not feeling at all comfortable. Our security blanket has blown off in the winds of change and we find ourselves exposed and looking inward for our core values and spiritual truth.

It is said that we are given just the amount of challenge that we can handle to grow.  Amazingly, when we face challenges with positive energy, we are rewarded with help from all directions.  People, places and information appear in synchronistic perfection, if we only ask.

Bob Proctor from The Secret DVD has return with Beyond The Secret (this DVD will be released in April ‘09). We were lucky to attend a showing of the Beyond The Secret seminar on January 16th at a local theater. What could be beyond The Secret? The information was so timely. It addressed this recession, used all the tools of the original Secret and added the component of action, now.  This is the time to take action and shake ourselves out of complacency and spiritual stupor.

Here are some points we’d like to share from the Beyond The Secret Seminar:

  1. Seize the “God-Ordained Opportunities” disguised as problems, challenges and difficulties.

  2. Ask for help. Find a mentor.

  3. Don’t believe in the “wisdom of collective ignorance.” Protect your mind from negativity.

  4. Use your most creative gift-Your Imagination!  “Fuel yourself with great ideas from great people.” Study their lives. Great people make up what they want to create and then manifest it thru Action.

  5. Remember Gratitude! Be grateful everyday.

New Renaissance is here because of a collective vision from our founders, staff and customers. You have dreamed us into existence and we are so grateful for your loving support!

Dream On. Act Courageously. Shine Your Divine Light Brightly.
Namaste Darlene & Jame