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CBS Television Stations Partner With Go Green Expo Eco-Living Tour

NEW YORK, N.Y., December 1, 2009 –/WORLD-WIRE/– Go Green Expo, the nation’s premier green business and sustainable lifestyle show known for its innovative and interactive programming, today announced an exciting and exclusive television partnership for its 2010 tour with the CBS Television Stations group. CBS Television Stations will support Go Green Expo with programming and advertising to broadcast the message of going green to millions of homes in local markets visited by the show, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta.
“CBS is the perfect media partner to help us further spread the greener living message beyond attendance and reach millions of homes in America from the savviest environmentalist to the newly green,” said Bradford Rand, CEO and Founder of Go Green Expo. “We are thrilled to kick off the new year with a great new partnership and return to one of our favorite cities, Los Angeles.”
Following the groundbreaking inaugural Los Angeles show last year that reached more than 10,000 eco-minded attendees, Go Green Expo will make its second appearance at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 22-24, 2010 as the first stop of the nationwide tour. With interest rapidly building among the eco-ratti, the upcoming Los Angeles event is nearly sold out with two months to go before show time.
Celebrity speakers already signed on, including Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemingway, will be featured alongside hundreds of noteworthy exhibitors, inspiring panel discussions and much more, priming this year’s show to support Go Green Expo’s reputation for unique and engaging programming.
“Go Green Expo has such tremendous potential to reach communities across the country on easy and smart ways to go green,” said Jim Sullivan, President of Sales for CBS Television Stations. “We are pleased to offer our televised and online media support through this partnership and looking forward to making a positive social impact with the Expo’s launch in Los Angeles this January and beyond.”
The 2010 National Tour will focus on the next steps in the growing green revolution including the latest and greatest eco-friendly products & services, renewable energy sources for businesses and consumers, educating the community about the many tangible ways to be and go green, sustainable methods of transportation and cutting edge solutions for growing the green economy.
Committed to Green: The Go Green Expo National Tour will boast the latest in green design and function, supported by Metropolitan Exposition Services and Printing Responsibly, such as: 100% compostable and biodegradable table top coverings, recycled material booth ID signs, biodegradable banner material, soy and water based inks and a waste management program that takes environmental and social ramifications into account by utilizing local donation programs.

Sweat Lodge Deaths & Self-Help Gurus: A Question of Accountability

By Jonathan Ellerby, PhD

A Tragic Call To Attention
The recent and tragic events that involved three deaths and more than 19 injured and emotionally traumatized at a James Ray “Spiritual Warrior Retreat” deserves to be treated with some gentleness for this is more than a news item, but a horrific experience of loss and suffering that is impacting far more people than only those who were there. It is also a criminal investigation and a man’s career under scrutiny. This “event” brings up some critical issues in our society, and this is one of those important times where we can either learn something that will serve everyone, or fall into the kind of blame and stereotyping that helps no one.
Sweat Lodges: Good. Cultural Appropriation: Bad
To be clear, ceremonial steam baths are a part of many traditions across the world and have been around for thousands of years. They are health promoting, safe environments for personal growth, spiritual reflection and physical detoxification – if done properly and according to protocol. There is an important place for this powerful tradition in the modern age. Each type of Sweat Lodge, however, has its own unique history, protocol and procedures that are essential to their impact and safety. Not just anyone should run a Lodge or make one up.
Interfaith, non-Native Lodges, must be treated with as much respect, reverence and care as traditional Native Lodges. The act of “borrowing” or “copying” Native traditions by non-Native people, without permission, guidance or extensive forms of supervision is just stealing and selling someone else’s culture. Native American people have endured this kind of abuse for more than 500 years now and it needs to stop. A self-respecting therapist, healer, or spiritual teacher must find their own innovative and culturally appropriate ways to conduct ceremony – they don’t have to fake it or steal it. That can be dangerous.

Recently, I asked a friend of mine who had lived and studied in a Tibetan Buddhist temple for five years if she’d come to my place of work and teach a session on a specific form of Buddhist mediation that she had learned. Her reply was worth noting: “There are certain things I can and will share based on my experience, and something that I am able to teach, but don’t. Just because I know how to do something doesn’t mean it’s my place to teach it to others. In the Tibetan tradition there are certain rules that determine who can teach what and when. I have to honor those because I honor the tradition, and myself. Being a spiritual teacher should not serve the ego.”
Who Is A Self-Help Guru?
The media is quick to call James Ray a “guru,” which is precisely why most people today are afraid of that word. It is often used in connection with “negative” media stories. I have published a few things on the complexity of credentials and spiritual leaders, and in Return to the Sacred I included an entire chapter on the pros and cons of working with a guru because it is such a delicate matter. The mere mention of the word causes many people to recoil, but “Guru” simply means a “teacher” to whom students are devoted in an equal relationship of power. The teacher is also devoted to the students and stands by them no matter what. It is a selfless role – ideally. It is great to find a teacher or a mentor. The difficult part lies in sorting out who claims to be a guru from who truly deserves the title.
Extreme Spiritual Practices
In my research for a chapter on extreme spiritual in Return to the Sacred, I found a complex history of misuse and abuse. Yet, things like fasting, deprivation of one kind or another, staying up without sleep, and other physical types of austerities can lead to very real and meaningful experiences and personal healing. They have been at the heart of our religious traditions as long as we have record. Think of Jesus in the desert, Moses up the mountain, Buddha beneath the tree, and even Muhammed in the cave – all practiced austerities that would make the average American cringe. Most of the great spiritual teachers who have made a positive impact on the world, Gandhi and Martin Luther King included, undertook training and retreats that would make the local police chief and medical authority suspicious. People do these things because they work. I support that. The problem lies in how we do them, who guides us and why. We need to expect more from our leaders: accountability and credibility – not just great marketing. We also need to expect more from ourselves.
Accountability in the World of Self-Help
Each teacher and each student must take as much responsibility as possible to live, act and choose with accountability. That means integrity, credibility, proper training and humility. There is a line between trusting another and ignoring your intuition and safety. This sad event calls us see that our world is out of balance and people need retreats and self-help leaders more than ever. But we also need more discernment, more caution and more accountability in such things than ever before. Spiritual practices are more powerful than most people will ever know, I have spent my life learning that first hand. But anything with power, even medicine, has the ability to hurt as much as it has the ability to heal. It’s time we expect more accountability from the world of self-help.
Dr. John Ellerby has studied sweat lodges and numerous other spiritual practices around the world for over 20 years. Blending extensive periods of mentoring with academic, research, and professional experience Jonathan brings a rare perspective and credibility to the world of self-help and spirituality. He is the author of Return to the Sacred; Your Spiritual Personality and works as the Spiritual Program Director for the highly acclaimed Canyon Ranch Health Resorts.


Dear friends,

2012 will be here before we know it, and what is going to happen?  To quote Dan Brown (author of the Da Vinci Code) from his just released book, The Lost Symbol…
“For millennia, mankind had wandered in the darkness…but now, as had been prophesied, there was a change coming. After hurtling blindly through history, mankind has reached a crossroads. This moment had been predicted long ago, prophesied by the ancient texts, by the primeval calendars, and even by the stars themselves. The date was specific, its arrival imminent. It would be preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge…a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness and give mankind a final chance to veer away from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.”

2012 TIPPING POINT: THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE CANCUN, taking place 22-24 January 2010, and followed by a 4-day sacred Mayan temple tour, is bringing together the leading researchers to explore this global transformation. Here are some thoughts from the faculty of this amazing conference:

The purpose of the Maya coming to this planet was very specific: to leave behind a definite set of clues and information about the nature and purpose of our planet at this particular time in the solar system and in the galactic field.
—Jose Arguelles

We believe it is now possible to achieve a society where people would be able to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful productive lives. In such a society, the measure of success would be based upon the fulfillment of one’s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property, and power. Although many of the concepts presented here may appear as unattainable goals, all of the ideas are based upon known scientific principles. —Jacque Fresco

The purpose of this conference is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan prophecy – as referring to the end of the world as we have known it: a world dominated by unbridled violence and insatiable greed, egotistic hierarchy of values, corrupted institutions and corporations, and irreconcilable conflicts between organized religions. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity.
—Stanislav Grof

I do see a new birth of human consciousness underway. And when these things happen they can sometimes happen very fast. So I cannot rule out at all the possibility that all of us are going to be looking at the mystery and meaning of life in a very different way very soon and that date 21st. of December 2012 sticks in my mind as one that is really worth consideration.
—Graham Hancock

There is a revolution underway in how we understand ancient Maya metaphysics, astronomy, and other traditions related to 2012. 2012 is about transformation and renewal on a global scale.
—John Major Jenkins

Congratulations—you are among a select Group of souls who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time! The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
—Christine Page

As we complete this apocalyptic passage, we will conceive ourselves, increasingly, as fractal expressions of a unified field of consciousness and sentient aspects of a planetary ecology—the Gaian mind—that is continually changed by our actions, and even our thoughts.
—Daniel Pinchbeck

To find out more and register click here: 2012 TIPPING POINT: THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE CANCUN,

Bridging Heart and Marketing

Our friends and colleagues Judith & Jim (husband and wife Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniecshowski, PhD) want to make sure that anyone in the NCR community who wants or needs training in techniques and strategies, in the mindset and intention of Soft Sell Marketing gets an Invitation to attend their Virtual Conference “Bridging Heart and Marketing III.

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Sustainable Architecture Explored in Sundance Channel’s New Six-part Series “e2 design,” narrated by Brad Pitt on THE GREEN

NEW YORK, NY, September 28, 2009 –/WORLD-WIRE/– Sundance Channel presents the acclaimed six-part series “e2 design” in November as part of THE GREEN, its Tuesday night destination dedicated the planet we call home. Narrated by Brad Pitt, “e2 design” looks at the burgeoning sustainability movement among architects and designers worldwide. The series is directed by Tad Fettig and executive produced by Karena Albers and Fettig; Elizabeth Westrate is the series producer.
“e2 design” debuts as part of THE GREEN on Tuesday, November 10 at 8:00pm et/pt. “e2 design” focuses on an ubiquitous but often overlooked contributor to climate change and resource depletion: buildings, which consume 40% of the world’s energy and emit 50% of its greenhouse gases. The series introduces several pioneers and innovators in the field of sustainable design and shows how their work is producing viable solutions to pressing environmental, economic and social challenges. Visiting areas as diverse as Mexico’s Sonoran Desert; Chicago, Illinois; Austen, Texas; and Beijing, China, “e2 design” takes viewers inside a range of spaces – residences, office towers, public parks, even alleys – that are re-shaping how we live, work and grow. “e2 design” is part of the ongoing PBS series “e2: the economies of being environmentally conscious,” and originally premiered in 2006.
The episode lineup for “e2 design” is as follows:
Tuesday, November 10 at 8:00pm “e2 design”/Episode 2: “The Green Apple” (Sundance Channel Premiere) –
They may be concrete-gray and loud, but America’s densely populated urban centers are very energy efficient – and looking to become more so. The series’ inaugural episode visits New York City, which is leading the charge to green the quintessential urban structure: the skyscraper “The Green Apple” tours some of the city’s most prominent and technologically advanced structures, including 4 Times Square, and The Solaire, the nation’s first green apartment house.
Tuesday, November 17 at 8:00pm “e2 design”/Episode 2: “Green for All” (Sundance Channel Premiere) –
Is sustainable design a luxury, or can it also be accessible, pertinent and valuable to marginalized communities? The answer may lay in projects initiated by architect/activist Sergio Palleroni in East Austin, Texas and the Valle del Yaqui in Mexico’s Sonoran Desert, two areas plagued by inadequate housing. In each instance, architecture students from the University of Texas work with local residents to come up with solutions that make sense environmentally, economically and socially. Among the solutions: converting a trash-strewn alley into a potential source of income, and using local materials to build houses steeped in cultural tradition.
Tuesday, November 24 at 8:00pm “e2 design”/Episode 3: “The Green Machine” (Sundance Channel Premiere) – How does a major metropolis address the implications of climate change? This episode takes us to Chicago – historically, an incubator for both architectural innovation and “machine politics” — to survey the sometimes controversial measures pursued by Mayor Richard Daley in his quest to make his city the greenest in America. The tour begins at sprawling City Hall, which boast’s the country’s first city-sponsored green roof, a living laboratory of plants that symbolizes the Mayor’s commitment to environmentalism.
Tuesday, December 1 at 8:00pm “e2 design”/Episode 4: “From Gray to Green” (Sundance Channel Premiere) – New building generates considerable waste, in the form of old components, construction platforms, and other items. Could these discards be put to use instead of taking up landfill space? This episode looks at the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle in action, as exemplified by Paul Pedini, a civil engineer on Boston’s $15 billion “Big Dig” transportation project. Pedini had the idea to build a house using Big Dig waste – and the resulting structure has many taking notice and making plans.
Tuesday, December 8 at 8:00pm “e2 design”/Episode 5: “China: From Red to Green?” (Sundance Channel Premiere) – The site of the largest urban migration in human history, China is expected to build housing for 14 million people over the next dozen years – and the materials, methods and energies deployed will have impact far beyond China’s border. This episode travels to China to see how national and international experts are addressing the ramifications of this rapid development. The first top is the Tsinghua University Building Energy Research Center, which has installed 100 examples of the world’s best energy-efficient technology and is developing still more. We also meet the Chinese developers and American architects working on the Linked Hybrid project, a mixed-use community that combines green principles with traditional Chinese philosophy.
Tuesday, December 15 at 8:00m “e2 design” Episode 6: “Deeper Shades of Green” (Sundance Channel Premiere) – The season’s final episode profiles three remarkable thinkers who are radically changing the face of not only architecture, but of environmentalism. Architect Ken Yeang is a pioneer of bioclimatic design; his buildings, including the Singapore Library, are responsive to the characteristics of their physical environments, much like prosthetic devices that are integrated into the human hosts they serve. Architect and educator William McDonough is an originator of the “cradle-to-cradle” design protocol, and has spearheaded the development of goods and services that generate economic, ecological and social value. Architect and structural engineer Dr. Werner Sobek is experimenting with the development of emission-free, self-sufficient, recyclable, glass-clad structures, including his own private R128 residence in Stuttgart, Germany.
ABOUT SUNDANCE CHANNEL Under the creative direction of Robert Redford, Sundance Channel is the television destination for independent-minded viewers seeking something different. Bold, imaginative and uncompromising, Sundance Channel offers audiences a diverse and engaging selection of films, documentaries and original programs. Launched in 1996, Sundance Channel is a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC. Sundance Channel operates independently of the non-profit Sundance Institute and the Sundance Film Festival, but shares the overall Sundance mission of encouraging artistic freedom of expression. Sundance Channel’s website address is launches Interactive Online Video Broadcasts

Eckhart Tolle has embarked on a new adventure in teaching. With, the New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Now (New World Library, 2004) and A New Earth (Penguin, 2008) is sharing his message with millions of people every month via the Web.

“Responding to the evolutionary impulse…”

In response to what he calls “the evolutionary impulse,” Eckhart is presenting streaming video teachings every month in a private seminar series. He addresses topics not ordinarily covered in his public talks—including the current economic climate and teachings from the Tao Te Ching—and will respond directly to members’ personal inquiries. Eckhart Teachings, in cooperation with multimedia publisher Sounds True and Live Dreaming Productions, have designed this unique learning modality to bring Eckhart Tolle’s life-changing insights to as broad an audience as possible. welcomed in 33 countries

Since its soft launch in April 2009, has found audiences in 33 countries around the globe eager to experience the presence of Eckhart Tolle as often as possible to spark personal transformation and to help usher in what Eckhart calls “a new state of consciousness.” 

Officially launched in July 2009, is available as a four-tiered subscription service.

Free area

Month to month for $14.95

Six-issue subscription, downloads not included – $74.75

Six-issue subscription with an audio and video download per issue – $89.95

Benefits of membership include access to streaming video lectures with Eckhart Tolle, participation in an online community to discuss the teachings, the option to submit questions directly to Eckhart, live group meditations, and more. is a production of Eckhart Teachings in partnership with Sounds True and Live Dreaming Productions.


New DVD Reveals the Perils and Promise of the Human Shadow—Featuring
 Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, Marianne Williamson & More.

LA JOLLA, CA ( July 23, 2009) –A married Governor is caught with a mistress in Latin America,  a teen idol and role model pleads guilty to beating his girlfriend, corporate executives use government bailout money to fund luxurious vacations, a conservative radio host checks into rehab for a prescription drug abuse, a film director who produces Christian films shouts anti-Semitic comments in a drunken rage–these are just a few examples of what NY Times best-selling author Debbie Ford calls “The Shadow Effect”.  (

In a compelling new DVD The Shadow Effect: A Journey From Your Darkest Thought to Your Greatest Dream (Hay House), Ford and leading luminaries reveal why suppressed emotions and unresolved internal conflicts lead to behavior that continually unseats politicians, destroys celebrity careers, destabilizes the economy and affects the lives of millions each year.
This emotionally-gripping, visually-stunning documentary exposes the opposing forces of both light and dark that compete for attention within every human being and presents the hidden power of the “Shadow” alongside some of today’s most provocative thinkers and beloved teachers including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. David Simon, James Van Praagh and more.

“The Shadow is the part of our self that we disown or dislike and is made up of the thoughts, emotions and impulses we often find too painful, embarrassing or distasteful to accept so we deny or repress them,” states Ford.  She adds, “I created this film to help people break free of the bonds of the past and the wounded ego that hides all that we believe is unacceptable about ourselves. When we learn to love and own all of who we are we step into the greatness of who we may yet become.”
In this life-altering journey, inspiring individuals who have transcended child abuse, racism, the Holocaust, war, addiction and wounded upbringings share their remarkable stories. In the film, we meet those who have learned to face their terror, heal their wounds, and embrace their higher, heroic selves to overcome the shadow effect. The Shadow Effect  DVD yields wonderful results for viewers to come away with that are based on Ford’s cutting edge Shadow Process seminars; from healing relationships, to finding the courage to pursue your passion and learning to love yourself– it will help you find new levels of love, self-respect, confidence and peace of mind.
Ford has integrated some of her most successful processes into an innovative Special Interactive Edition of The Shadow Effect. In this special edition, Ford guides the viewer through eight exercises designed to reveal the shadow effect in their own lives and presents them with opportunities to transcend personal limitations. Offering viewers proven techniques for identifying, embracing and integrating their own shadows, this interactive edition creates a new genre in transformational filmmaking and is certain to set a new standard for films to come.

The Shadow Effect DVD is available online at or in retail stores nationwide. The movie and Special Interactive Edition can also be viewed online at using full screen pay-per-view technology pioneered by Vividas.

The Shadow Effect
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
Debbie Ford Films, Inc.
Running Time: 70 Minutes
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2713-4
NY Times Best-selling author Debbie Ford was inspired by famed psychiatrist Carl Jung and has been a pioneering force incorporating the study and integration of the shadow into modern emotional and spiritual practices.  She is the author of many best-selling books including The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Secret of the Shadow, Spiritual Divorce and Why Good People do Bad Things. She has appeared numerous times on Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, and other major media programs around the world. Her acclaimed workshop, The Shadow Process, has set new standards in the field of transformation, healing hearts, mending families, and supporting others in birthing new futures.