An Atheist in Heaven with Paul Davids

An Atheist in Heaven with Paul Davids Hot

Miriam Knight   July 21, 2016  
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An Atheist in Heaven with Paul Davids

A Hollywood producer and director, mainly in the sci-fi genre, Paul Davids was dumbfounded when he realized that a deceased friend and mentor was contacting him, and many other people. The high weirdness is all documented in his book, Atheist in Heaven - co-authored with Gary Schwartz PhD, and sworn to by notarized affidavit that it's all true!

Paul Davids, a Princeton University graduate and noted producer, poet, writer, director, artist and documentarian, found himself receiving communications from his mentor, Forrest J Ackerman, since Ackerman’s passing in 2008.

Forrest J Ackerman, a founder of science-fiction fandom (who coined the term sci-fi) and was a Pied Piper for its devotees, was a committed atheist. He was also a firm disbeliever in any afterlife. However, he promised to “drop a line” if it turned out that he was wrong. Davids contacted Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., an internationally known expert and author on afterlife research, who collaborated with Davids in this new book, An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death?

Ackerman not only “dropped a line” to Davids, but he has been at the center of over a hundred instances of unexplained phenomena in the past eight years, many of which have undergone chemical and other forms of technological testing by top university scientists. An Atheist in Heaven, a non-fiction book, begins with Mr. Davids’ sworn affidavit of the truth of his account, and the 514 pages offer much scientific testimony supporting seemingly impossible incidents.

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