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The world is awakening, and a big part of this is due to the books, films, lectures and podcasts of conscious leaders like you!

You are our heroes and the reason the we want to do our very best to support you, not only in spreading the word, but also in helping you make a living at what you do in service to the greater good.

To that end, NCR has entered into a collaboration with MJ Schwader, the publisher of New Connexion, to create the HAPIguide, a directory of teachers, healers, coaches and intuitives related to Health • Awakening • Purpose • Inspiration.

We have pooled our complementary skills and expertise in publishing, promotion, and technology, to integrate several promotion platforms to highlight all the dimensions of your work in a way that makes it fun for people to visit and easy for them to connect with you:

  • A state-of-the-art directory
  • An award-winning radio show & podcast
  • A multimedia magazine and resource guide
  • A mobile app (coming soon)

This combined platform can showcase books, articles, services, courses, radio shows, videos, products, and events – instantly, and with a global audience.

NCR + HAPIguide are a playground for conscious awakening!

On NCR visitors can read the magazine with its articles, interviews and reviews, listen to and download podcasts and browse the bookshelf.

On HAPIguide visitors can:

  • read articles, the magazine, or find the latest books
  • search the member directory
  • learn about course offerings
  • watch videos
  • listen to podcasts
  • browse the events calendar

Best of all, visitors to HAPIguide can leave reviews to guide others to the most helpful resources!

By connecting seekers with fine teachers of Health, Awakening, Purpose and Inspiration, we hope to help make the world a “HAPIer” place. Come and play!

To discuss your needs please contact Miriam Knight at 503-892-3300 or email us at info(at)


“New Consciousness Review is the place to go for cutting edge information about the latest books, videos, blogs, author information and whatever else might be happening in the world of expanding consciousness! Thoughtful, responsible, considerate and just plain fun to explore, the New Consciousness Review should be on everyone’s bookmark bar for must stop places in the Internet!” 
–Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. Author of The Secret History of Consciousness and the internationally bestselling The Children on Now

“NCR takes the time needed to review a book thoroughly and fairly and then follows through with support that is exceptional. It is a very valuable resource that can do wonders to promote your books and increase sales! Highly recommended.”
–Len Saputo, MD, author of A Return to Healing!
”Thanks for sending this review. Great information on the type of books we carry. I love discovering titles we don’t necessarily have in stock!”
–Diane Holcomb, Book Buyer, East West Bookstore


“Among the untold numbers of media interviews I’ve had over the last decade, Miriam Knight stands among the few who know the substance of my work and stimulate the exchange with thought-provoking questions and commentary. She brings deep insights and provocative questions that enrich the audience’s understanding. My wish is that serious authors could have their work exposed by her intelligence and curiosity.”
–Paul Von Ward, author of “We’ve Never Been Alone.”

“New Consciousness Review Radio Show is rare in that the host, Miriam Knight, actually reads your books and understands the content, so that the discussion is full of depth and insight. Having been on hundreds of shows, it is so exciting to engage in conversation with such a knowledgeable, articulate and curious mind who shines at bringing out the best in her guests! I was honored to be on the show!”
–Marie Jones, author of The Grid

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE Miriam from New Consciousness radio!! She was one of the best interviewers I have ever been with in all of my years. She is intelligent, smart, aware and mindful. Great questions. Thank you for putting us in touch. 
–James Van Praagh

I’m an American English teacher in Seoul. I only travel by bicycling, as I do –I listen to your interviews. If there were a group of people able to help save the world, it’s you and your guests. I wanted to say thank you for being there, and allowing me to raise my consciousness. For the past few years something (from the teachings of your guests) has flowed through me to my students. It’s easy to see, they’re wonderful!

“Thank you, Miriam, for inviting me to be a guest on your show. Your questions were thoughtful and relevant — I could tell that you’d studied my book. You put me at ease right away, and I felt that you really cared about my work. I’m sure the listeners picked up on that, too. Thanks again for this great opportunity to reach such a large audience. – Katherine Agranovich, author or Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the interview with Miriam. Since she has a vast background of spirituality in various areas we were able to discuss things in a deep way. She read the book and had good questions that helped to shape the interview. I look forward to finishing book two and picking up the conversation from there.” —David Young

“My interview with Miriam Knight from NCR Radio was extremely enjoyable as Miriam was very well versed in the material being discussed. She did her homework and that made for a great interview. Her listeners are lucky to have someone who can competently sift through complex materials and make relevant points and ask pointed questions.”
— Daniel T. Unterbrink
Author of Judas of Nazareth

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