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Act of Consciousness: To Be or Not to Be... Enlightened
Psychic Communication
by Miriam Knight     May 29, 2015    
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I resonated very strongly with this book, probably because I have a very independent streak and don’t like the idea that we are here being judged on whether we learn this or that lesson well enough, or if we’ve been really good or bad. What this book does, differently from most other books dealing with manifestation and the law of attraction, is to present a picture of reality that is at once really liberating and rather intimidating. Liberating in the sense of making one's particular manifestation of reality a matter between you and your consciousness/soul. Angels, demons, past lives and past misdeeds can be set aside; what matters is recognizing your existence in the eternal now, and allowing the passion of your soul to resonate within you.

Enlightenment is as easy – and as difficult – as integrating the consciousness of your soul into the physical reality of your humanity. The engine that drives your manifestations is passion, which attracts the energy needed from the the limitless resources of the universe. The tricky part is that whether the passion is positive or negative, it is still effective in creating your life experience. That’s the scary part.

Passion is different from emotion, which is a process of the mind based on thought and associations with memory. Passion is the feeling essence that gives form and substance to the energy flow that results in the physical experience. According to Adamus, we are soon going to see amazing breakthroughs in the understanding of "natural physics,” which will open up our perspectives of reality from the limited linear perspective based on time, space, and matter to an unlimited perspective based on the consciousness of the of the observer.

As our consciousness expands so will our ability to manifest our life experiences without getting sucked into the drama. All will be seen merely as experience and an opportunity for growth. So, at the end of the day, whether we revel in the joy of experiencing this adventure of being human, or get sucked into pain and drama and powerlessness, it’s all up to us. Absolute freedom! Pretty cool, huh?

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