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A Home Run For Bunny
Children & Youth
by Miriam Knight     July 07, 2015    
Janai Mestrovich
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Bunny Taliaferro had speed in his legs, running every chance he could. He ran so much that people nicknamed him Bunny. His parents lacked financial endowment but managed to creatively provide a homemade mit while his dad positioned an old tire hanging from a tree for Bunny to use as a strike zone with his pitches. First freshman ever to earn varsity letters in football, basketball and baseball, Bunny's favorite was baseball. Picked for the American Legion All-Star team, he lead his team in several championship series. When the team traveled to playoffs far from home, racial discrimination against Bunny arose including hotel refusing equal rights to him. Not wanting to cause trouble, Bunny offered to leave. The team rallied around him amidst threats from fans and rumor of the Ku Klux Klan involvement against the team. An amazing series of events from the past leading to the future brings heartfelt sentiment for the team's integrity. A HOME RUN FOR BUNNY gives a clear window into the 1930's and racial discrimination. A most heartwarming ending occurs in this true story which speaks for the integrity of the team and what choices leave the brightest indelible marks upon a soul. A great book to help children see and understand human value, equal rights, the importance of mutual respect and team bonding. Rated 5 stars

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