From Isis to ISIS

The Soul of Ancient Egypt – Restoring the Spiritual Engine of the World by Robert Bauval and Ahmmed Osman provides an overview of the history of…


A Quantum Approach to Understanding How We Think

Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision by Jerome R. Busemeyer and Peter D. Bruza While scientists have assumed that classical probability theory and…


Bone Broth – From Ancient Cure to Miracle Meme

A cup of bone broth several times a day seems to improve everything from IBS, Celiac and Insulin Resistance to wrinkles, hair, nails and Joint Pain. E…


Overcoming Systemic Evil

“How Finkelstein Broke the Trauma Bond and Beat the Holocaust”  by Lawrence Swaim is difficult to read, detailing as it does some of the…



The Energies of Love with Donna Eden and David Feinstein
Category: Interviews
We all know energy levels directly affect our physical health, but clinical psychologist and energy psychology expert Dr. David Feinstein and energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden know just how...
Manifesting 123 with Ken Elliott
Category: Interviews
Ken Elliott is an award winning artist & author who has been showcased on media all over the world. Ken has learned how to manifest items both big and...
Energy and Body Intelligence with Dr. Joseph Cardillo
Category: Interviews
Joseph Cardillo, PhD is a best-selling author and lecturer in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit and psychology. An expert in Attention Training™, creative thinking, and...
The Trauma Bond with  Lawrence Swaim
Category: Interviews
Lawrence Swaim is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit established after 9/11 to oppose bias against religious minorities and Islamophobia, and to advocate religious liberty...

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